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Efficiency with KM Production Presses

Integrating A Production Printer for Non-Print Houses

A production printer is the way forward for making a professional impression that raises the bar in consumer experience and product promotion. Print jobs have increasingly become more complex, but thanks to technological advancements, it is more accessible. Whether it’s a brochure or flyer, product label or magazine, production printing offers impressive capabilities in delivering high-quality print jobs.

Non-print houses such as the publishing sector can benefit majorly from having effective production printing solutions. For businesses that require high volume, dependable printing, Konica Minolta’s line of production printers fits the bill. Not only are they highly reliable, but they’re also versatile and deliver impressive results, which makes integrating them worth their salt.

  1. Reliable & efficient

Investing in a powerhouse production printer is one surefire way of reliably bringing print jobs back in-house, which notably gives businesses attempting to reduce costs and drive productivity. Production printing is where it’s at for large scale printing, in top quality.

An all-in-one printer, the AccurioPress C4080 series is both agile and productive. This digital printing press can deliver fully-finished output, with the flexibility of 2-sided printing sheets up to 34” long at 80/70 ppm – making it a cost-effective yet highly efficient business solution. Likewise, the AccurioPrint C4065 is a compact unit that goes at 66 colour ppm and 80 monochrome ppm output, perfect for non-print houses.

  1. Versatile for multi-use

For non-print houses, the value of a production printer is in its versatility. Fully-configured to print flat sheets, duplex long sheets of up to 864mm, and capable of finishing prints inline with extensive finishing options – the AccurioPress C4080 series is a single do-it-all engine.

Upping the ante on print projects is made possible with the AccurioShine 101. Very easily set-up, it allows for in-house embellishments with special effects like toner foiling, metallic colour foil, lamination films, and spot gloss highlights.

  1. Peak performance

Konica Minolta delivers excellence with the latest technology in its production printers.

The AccurioJet KM-1e replaced two digital machines for global accessories firm Hama, delivering better product experience achieved through high-value added packaging. Folding carton box production that was previously outsourced was able to be brought back in-house at Hama, reducing costs. With 18,000 product lines, high volume blister packaging production became an important application for Hama, made possible by the AccurioJet KM-1e. Zero downtime and running in a two-shift operation, the production printer exceeded demand and expectations with personalised packaging that had consistent quality and scratch resistance. A powerhouse for businesses bringing outsourced print jobs in-house and technology as we know it, is a game changer in delivering top productivity and performance.

Rethink Business Goals with Konica Minolta

Value-added packaging, improved product experience, and consistent consumer reviews all spell good news for businesses scaling up and looking for dependable production printers. Konica Minolta is the business solutions provider for that, shifting the competitive landscape inch by inch for industries that typically print and non-print houses that can benefit from a cost-effective in-house option.