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Streamlines High Volume Printing With AccurioPro Flux

Large volume printing jobs present a unique challenge to printers everywhere. Not getting the job right the first time can result in a high volume of paper and ink wastage. In addition to wastage of materials, the amount of time spent on the job also goes out of the window. Delays in getting the finished product to your customers may then ensue, causing customer dissatisfaction, which may in turn also potentially damage your company’s reputation.

How AccurioPro Flux Streamlines High Volume Printing

AccurioPro Flux Helps Streamline Your Workflow

Professional printers know that the ability to organise and manage your workflow is the key to success, when delivering high volume printing services. Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux is a professional make-ready software that helps you to efficiently manage and automate your digital printing workflow.

The AccurioPro Flux is compatible with production machines such as the AccurioPress C14000 series with IC-610, AccurioPrint C750i and the AccurioPress C4080 series.

AccurioPro Flux Essential

Although AccurioPro Flux Essential is the basic version of the software, it still comes with powerful features that allow for the centralised control of all printers and the automation of recurring tasks. This is vital for any sort of large volume printing. AccurioPro Flux Essential lists all print jobs in a main window, so you can have a perfect overview of every job’s status. A Basic Preflight Check function is also included to eliminate printing problems arising from missing fonts, low-resolution images and transparencies that can derail your progress when you’re already tight on time. Make-ready functions that allow you rearrange, label and add pages are also included. All these features and more help to ease the pain of high volume digital printing, by offering you all the functionalities you need in one place.

In spite of being optimised for Konica Minolta products, AccurioPro Flux can be integrated with third party devices, which means you’ll be able to oversee all of your print jobs with AccurioPro Flux regardless of whether all of your printers are under the Konica Minolta brand.

AccurioPro Flux Premium

AccurioPro Flux Premium gives users additional support for large volume printing, by giving them the option to add rules for specific types of jobs, which allows production workers to work smarter and faster. For example, you can automatically assign jobs to a specific operator. Crucially, this next tier of our AccurioPro Flux software now has a powerful server tied to it. This means customers will be able to send print jobs directly to the company network. Your operators will also have access to each other’s print jobs, ensuring a smoother and easier collaboration digital printing process.

The ability to add predefined rules, automatically receive jobs from customers and having access to all ongoing print jobs will definitely make it easier for you to offer quality large volume printing services.

AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

For professional printers whose high volume printing services are always in hot demand, there is AccurioPro Flux Ultimate. The topmost tier of our software is optimised for commercial printers that cater to businesses. AccurioPro Flux also makes it easy for you to set up an online print shop, so your customers can submit orders at all hours of the day. Set price lists, quantity discounts and internal cost allocations effortlessly while adjusting the look and feel of your online shop to suit your business. Already have an established IT environment? You’ll find your new online shop integrates seamlessly with your existing IT environment.

Your customers will also be able to check the status of their order anytime via your online shop, by way of their own user account. You may also choose to enable automatic email updates to inform customers of their order’s status.

By automating status updates, Konica Minolta’s smart technology enables your production staff to concentrate on getting work done efficiently, paving the way for greater productivity and profitability even in the face of increased demand from customers seeking large volume printing services.

To find out more about how AccurioPro Flux can optimise your high volume printing workflow, download our brochure or visit our AccurioPro Flux website. You may also learn more about Konica Minolta’s other business solutions by visiting our website, or contact us via our web form.