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As the crisis progress, it is evident that some businesses are better prepared for a digital workplace than others. For example, Google, Microsoft, and many other large tech firms remained unscathed when the crisis hit as there had already been an established culture and structures that supports remote working. At the same time, you may have seen news reports that speaks of several large organisations, including banks and even government sectors struggling with increased network loads, having to deal with security prevention issues, and many other problems. COVID-19 has driven the world’s biggest shift to remote work to date, and it is time to acknowledge that working from home or remotely from elsewhere will be one of the new norms.1

It is now a top priority for businesses to ensure employees adhere to governance and security policies, while deploying flexible work arrangements. It would be especially beneficial for small-medium businesses (SMBs) to gain a competitive edge by promptly adapting to the changing stance of remote working by implementing a workflow and collaboration solution that bridges the physical and digital workspace.2

Managing paper documents can be a cumbersome and challenging process as it is expensive, and documents can be easily misplaced and require huge physical storage space. On top of this, paper processes also hinder collaboration and productivity.

Productivity increase by percentEmployee used up to percent of their time to sort out paper work

With Konica Minolta’s Document Management Solution, KOMI Doc Cloud Platform helps streamline business processes with workflow and collaboration solutions. Unleash your digital potential by transferring your paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage your operations more efficiently.3

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