Hard Disk Drive Security

Hard Disk Drive Security

Security breaches happen when you least expect it.

Think your data is safe? Unfortunately it may not be.

The risk with hard disks which contains a digital copy of the documents being scanned or sent for printing. All the associated metadata and valuable business assets can actually be accessed, which poses a risk for data breach. Data breaches will irreversibly tarnish the hard-earned reputation of your company, resulting in large monetary losses. With data theft becoming a serious threat, how do you know your data is secure?

Fortunately, with Konica Minolta bizhub SECURE and bizhub SECURE Platinum, you can be sure that confidential data stored on the internal hard drives of multi-function printing devices are always protected.

Hard Disk Drive Security Introduction

During service maintenance to replace the hard disk drive (HDD) , or at the end of the service period of each printing device, you can choose the treatment of your HDD from a few options available

Hard Disk Drive Security Features