Structured business processes as well as a robust and secure IT infrastructure are fundamental to compete in today’s markets. Konica Minolta’s Business Solutions & Services help you optimize your processes and facilitate the use of information. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you are able to concentrate fully on your core competencies.

Hard Disk Drive Security F Image

Hard Disk Drive Security

The risk with hard disks which contains a digital copy of the documents being scanned or sent for printing. All the associated metadata and valuable business assets can actually be accessed, which poses a risk for data breach.
Komi Doc


Komi Doc Cloud Platform helps streamline your business processes with workflow and collaboration solutions, unleashing your digital potential; transferring your paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage your operations more efficiently

AccurioPro Flux

Whether you want to automate your prepress, edit print jobs within your team or set up an online print shop, we have the right product for you.

Optimised Print Services

All in all, the Konica Minolta Optimised Print Services package combines expert support with detailed individual optimisation design and ...

bizhub SECURE

In recent years, data breaches have become a serious issue for many businesses, with widespread media coverage of data theft and hacking causing damage to various companies' finances and reputations globally.

bizhub SECURE Platinum

When you work with sensitive information, you need to know it is secure. Even when doing simple tasks such as printing or scanning documents, you could be leaving data open to theft.

Dispatcher Suite

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Suite is a powerful document workflow application that can help any business save time by automating document image processing, printing, and ...

Dispatcher Phoenix

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix is a powerful application that can help any business save time by automating document image processing, printing, and routing tasks via customisable workflows.

Dispatcher Paragon

At the core of the Dispatcher Paragon functionality is the central accounting of all print, copy and scan operations. Providing comprehensive information with details like ...