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Security breaches happen when you least expect it.

Think your data is safe? Unfortunately it may not be.

The risk with hard disks which contains a digital copy of the documents being scanned or sent for printing. All the associated metadata and valuable business assets can actually be accessed, which poses a risk for data breach. Data breaches will irreversibly tarnish the hard-earned reputation of your company, resulting in large monetary losses. With data theft becoming a serious threat, how do you know your data is secure?

Fortunately, with Konica Minolta bizhub SECURE and bizhub SECURE Platinum, you can be sure that confidential data stored on the internal hard drives of multi-function printing devices are always protected.

Hard Disk Drive Security Introduction

During service maintenance to replace the hard disk drive (HDD) , or at the end of the service period of each printing device, you can choose the treatment of your HDD from a few options available

Hard Disk Drive Security Features

Komi Doc Cloud Platform helps streamline your business processes with workflow and collaboration solutions, unleashing your digital potential; transferring your paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage your operations more efficiently

Average professional spends 18 minutes searching for a document, which adds up to nearly 50% of their total time on the job.

Productivity Increase by 21% with the Introduction of Document Management Solution

According to a research by Nitro, 50% of knowledge worker’s time are lost in documents preparation with 21.3% overall productivity loss caused by document issues. Almost 92% of professionals, who uses email to collaborate risk losing files and 45% companies reported that it takes a week to have a contract signed and returned.

Garnier Thiebaut is the oldest producer of French linens in France since 1833. They have been Konica Minolta France’s customer for more than 10 years.

Business Challenges
  • Invoice processing
  • Space constraint due to paper records.
Benefits after adopting Komi Doc Cloud Platform
  • Improved productivity with automated invoice capturing and processing.
  • Better management of physical space constraint for paper record.

Managing paper documents can be a cumbersome and challenging process as it is expensive, and documents can be easily misplaced and require huge physical storage space. On top of this, paper processes can also hinder collaboration and productivity. In this video, find out how KOMI Doc’s intuitive, seamless system streamlines your business processes with workflow and collaboration, transforming the way you work.

Prepress. Automation.
Collaboration. Web‑to‑print.

Print efficiently with AccurioPro Flux. The flexible solution for your print shop.

Choose the product you need

Whether you want to automate your prepress, edit print jobs within your team or set up an online print shop, we have the right product for you.

Your flexibility is important to us: Start with our entry-level product and switch to a different product if needed.

Our software solution grows with your needs.
Prepress: AccurioPro Flux Essential

AccurioPro Flux Essential offers all you need for efficient prepress processes. The automation of recurring tasks and centralized control of all production machines will multiply the productivity of your print room.

  1. Printer clusters: Optimize the utilization of your production machines by organizing them in printer clusters.
  2. Make-ready on the fly: Process print data more effiently
  3. Hot folders: Share a folder in your network which is linked with a print product
  4. Job management: All print jobs are listed in the main window to guarantee a perfect overview
  5. Integration of 3rd party devices: Our software solution is optimized for output on production machines from Konica Minolta
  1. Save time and clicks by automating repetitive tasks
  2. Save time and money by making optimal use of your production printing machines, especially at peak times
  3. Avoid misprints by checking print files automatically
  4. Integrate printing devices from other manufacturers and manage them all with one application
  5. Install it easily on your PC, no server environment needed
  6. Switch between the use of predefined products and the flexible setting up of print documents as required
Automation & collaboration: AccurioPro Flux Premium

AccurioPro Flux Premium includes in addition to the prepress module a powerful server that enables you to receive print jobs from clients within your company network and organize print jobs within your team. Comprehensive reports help you to optimize your print room.

  1. Working together as a team: Collaborate and work simultaneously with several operators, who can see one another’s print jobs
  2. Work anywhere: Check, preview and edit jobs anywhere for maximum user convenience
  3. Add rules for jobs: Automatically assign jobs to an operator with the help of predefined rules
  4. Job submission: Send print files directly from the source application via the intranet using a dedicated client
  5. Automatic status tracking: Inform your users about the status of their print job by sending them updates via email automatically
  6. Data analysis & report: Make use of all stored data and create your own graphical reports with the help of an included assistant to create and change report easily
  1. Share information about each print job within your team
  2. Organize your tasks efficiently
  3. Receive print-ready documents from your users
  4. Improve and simplify the communication with your users
  5. Get a better picture of your print volume
  6. Flexible processing of print jobs – in the local application, in the browser, on the mobile device or directly on the printer
Web-to-Print: AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

AccurioPro Flux additionally includes an easy to use online print shop to the basic and workflow module. Offer comfortable 24/7 online ordering to your users. It is optimized for commercial printers offering their services to business clients (B2B) and in-house print shops of public institutions, universities and corporations.

  1. Online Ordering with preview: Easily upload and preview jobs before ordering prints and choose from catalogues of print-ready documents
  2. Pricing & Online payment: You have full flexibility in pricing and customers are able to make payment online
  3. Personalised Printing: Offer personalized print products to your customers like business cards. You can provide editable text fields and place holders for the upload of logos or images
  4. Online Status Tracking: Check the job status online anytime
  5. Easy and Reliable Integration: Integrate the online shop easily in your established IT environment
  6. User Groups: Offer customised online product items based on user group with print order approval mechanism
  7. Approval Workflow: Set up a simple and straightforward workflow which allows approving orders internally before submitting them to your print room
  1. Comfortable ordering for your users 24/7
  2. Simple reordering of already finished print jobs from the archive
  3. Simple ordering of print-ready documents from the catalog
  4. Individual offers per user group
  5. Easy integration of existing Active Directories
  6. Easy authentication via single sign-on (SSO)

The OPS concept is based on a three-pillared approach: Consult, Implement and Manage.

Making printing infrastructure work efficiently

Office technologies have advanced, users’ needs have changed. A lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world. Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services (OPS) combine consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management in order to lower document spend. The OPS concept focuses on five essential areas:

  • Fleet: Right-sizing the document output fleet to actual business needs, providing optimal business process and fleet support, and establishing continuous optimisation balanced with minimal cost of ownership and environmental impact.
  • Process: Analysing all business-relevant document flows in order to increase productivity, to benefit from saving potentials and design, to implement and operate a solution tailor-made to meet your precise daily needs.
  • Finance: Offering different purchasing and leasing options as well as various contract model, and integrating existing contracts into a single transparent financial plan.
  • Security: Designing and implementing IT and information security solutions, from user authentication and data-safe hard disk handling of disposed devices to complex network security requirements.
  • Green: Supporting a company’s sustainability goals by implementing the most environmentally friendly document-related hardware and business workflows, and through the subsequent monitoring and assessment of environmental performance throughout the life-cycle.

Optimized Print Services (OPS) How it Works

Konica Minolta – Optimized Print Services (OPS)

OPS Consult

All improvements resulting from OPS Consult are based on defined consulting procedures and powerful analysis tools allowing customers to understand every single step on the way to a tailor-made solution.

  • Capture: Software-based identification of existing print assets, precise monitoring of the current utilisation patterns and printing volumes. User interviews to detect specific document work-flows, individual needs and service-level demands.
  • Analyse: Precise TCO calculation with benchmarking against average market costs. Detailed analysis of needed and recommended print services to meet document-based business process requirements.
  • Optimise: Designing a print environment that fits each organisation’s business needs through analytics and visualisation via comprehensive floor plans

OPS Implement

OPS is more than just installing a new print solution. It provides change management based on the customer requirements. This includes dedicated project management in accordance with recognised standards as well as support for appropriate involvement of stakeholders and users. Companies benefit from the strong direct organisation and the experience of a market leader.

  • Project: Dedicated project management resources, organised and controlled processes from start to finish.
  • Change: Delivery of all products, licenses and consumables for a pre-determined and agreed upon testing period where Konica Minolta provides technical consulting and remote support. Rollout management where appropriate due to the size of the project.
  • Information and training: Provision of detailed documentation for users and administrators. Standard or tailor-made internal promotion material and events. Tailored training to key users and internal support staff.

OPS Manage

After having tested and established the new print infrastructure, OPS offers a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage the fleet. Tailored to individual requirements, these can complement existing IT services or take over full operational responsibility.

  • Operate: Pro-active service, remote and on-site, automatic delivery of consumables and replacement parts.
  • Monitor: Continuous supervision of all networked and locally attached devices to monitor the machines’ utilisation, status and alerts.
  • Improve: Regular management reports, review meetings, and active searches for further improvements and optimisation.

Optimized Print Services




In recent years, data breaches have become a serious issue for many businesses, with widespread media coverage of data theft and hacking causing damage to various companies’ finances and reputations globally. At Konica Minolta, we know that protecting your data is key to your business. That is why our bizhub multifunctional devices embed the highest level of security, and with bizhub SECURE, we can provide you with an extra layer of comprehensive protection, ensuring that your data stays yours, without interrupting the flow of data in your office.

The bizhub SECURE service can be activated on any Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional device, either on-location or prior to delivery, so no matter the size of your business, you can operate with confidence.


Your device can be protected via several encryption and overwriting methods, keeping the data in your bizhub safe. This protects data stored in your bizhub and data passing through temporarily. With bizhub SECURE, the data in your office can flow safely, with no risk of security breach.


Protect sensitive documents by storing them in a password-protected box or folder on your bizhub’s hard disk. For an extra level of security, the hard disk can be encrypted, so even if it is stolen and access is attempted by installing the hard disk elsewhere, the data will be secure.


When you print a document, the data is temporarily stored in the multifunctional device. With bizhub SECURE you can set a time limit for how long your device stores this temporary data, to make sure data is not left where it may tempt attack. You can even select different time limits for certain box files on your bizhub’s hard disk.

Business Mobility with Konica Minolta



When you work with sensitive information, you need to know it is secure. Even when doing simple tasks such as printing or scanning documents, you could be leaving data open to theft. If you need to guarantee the safety of your data, you need a service that is comprehensive, offering protection and advanced security for both your network and your multifunctional office device.

At Konica Minolta, we build our bizhub multifunctional devices with industry-leading security built in. What’s more with bizhub SECURE Platinum, we can tailor security features to your office needs. Whether you already have a Konica Minolta bizhub device or are considering purchasing one, we can activate bizhub SECURE Platinum features on-location or prior to delivery, so you can work safe in the knowledge that your data is in good hands. The bizhub SECURE Platinum service can be activated on any Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional device, so no matter the size of your business you can operate safely and with the confidence that your data is secure.


With bizhub SECURE Platinum, we will provide you with a new, unique and secure password to protect your bizhub from attack. Furthermore, your device can be protected via several encryption and overwriting methods, keeping the data passing through your bizhub safe. The encryption will also prevent it being read in the event of a security breach and protected by an extra password should anyone attempt to install the hard disk elsewhere.


When you send information over your network, you need to know that it is only going to the destination you intend, and not being read by anyone else. By activating HTTPS network encryption with bizhub SECURE Platinum, you can guarantee your data is being communicated safely across your network.


In some office environments, your multifunctional device may be used by many people with varying levels of security clearance. bizhub SECURE Platinum allows you to activate user authentication and assign different levels of access to different users. You can also activate automatic logoff for accounts, keeping your device safe from outside security risks.


When you need to keep data secure, it is important to know that you can provide documentary evidence of what information is passing through your system. bizhub SECURE Platinum enables audit logs for your bizhub device, collecting a chronological account of activities in an audit trail.

Business Mobility with Konica Minolta


Managing the Corporate Print and Scan Infrastructure With Utmost Efficiency

To be of interest for active and competitively acting companies that want to optimise their print management and push digitisation forward, enterprise office solutions have to support cost reductions and productivity enhancements while ensuring the complete security of all corporate content. A simplified approach to deploying solutions is another essential aspect for enterprises of all sizes. Konica Minolta understands these needs and answers them with this single comprehensive and flexible platform, the Dispatcher Suite.

As a print management and document capture solution, the Dispatcher Suite platform includes Dispatcher Paragon for print management and Dispatcher Phoenix for automated workflows. The feature-rich solution has been designed to enable companies to effectively manage and reduce their print services costs, enhance efficiency by implementing digital workflows, and increase their document security.

Thanks to its complete modularity, the Dispatcher Suite is highly scalable and can be configured exactly to varying corporate needs. The suite’s different modules are available individually or in combination, thus maximising office efficiency and flexibility.

The Dispatcher Suite focuses on addressing business needs & requirements such as:

  • Reduction of printing and related costs throughout the company, while ensuring that employees are able to print and copy without limitation, even if a printer is unavailable.
  • Ensure the comprehensive management and control of the print environment by creating reports on who printed what, when, how much and where, as well as facilitating the allocation of all print costs to the originators.
  • Secure the entire print environment, including the elimination of unauthorised access to confidential documents and sensitive corporate information.
  • Connect all company offices and branches to enable the release of documents wherever these are required.
  • Simplify scanning and document workflows throughout the entire enterprise.
  • Push digitisation forward across processes and work routines.
  • Improve the overall efficiency by increasing workflow automation

The Dispatcher Suite will do all this and more – enabling organisations to manage and protect their entire print and scan infrastructure with utmost efficiency!

Rn Your Business Faster and Smarter

1) Authentication


Safeguarding documents as well as internal company data and information is a real challenge for many enterprises. One essential measure for this is safeguarding output devices reliably against unauthorised access, requiring all users to authenticate at the MFP via PIN, ID card or username and password before they can print, copy or scan documents.

Your challenge:

  • You need complete control of who is printing and/or scanning in your company.
  • You want to eliminate any printed information lying around unattended in printer output trays.
  • It is essential that you prevent unauthorised users from scanning and transmitting documents outside your company.

Our solution: Authentication

With the Authentication module, organisations can increase the security level of their printed communication. Uncontrolled access to devices is prevented by blocking devices until the user authenticates.
This is possible either on the embedded device terminal or via an external terminal attached to the device. For maximum convenience, users authenticating via ID card can benefit from the card self-registration feature when first using the software.

The benefits

  • Critical information and sensitive corporate content are secured and protected against falling into the wrong hands.
  • Security breaches are minimised by limiting access to authorised users only.
  • A close check can be kept at all times on who is printing what and to which extent.

2) PrintRoaming®


Operational flexibility is absolutely essential for global companies. For maximum efficiency in document production and management, users should be able to submit their print jobs in any company branch, eventually processing and releasing their prints in the location they need them.

Your challenge:

  • You need document production that’s not limited to a particular building or location.
  • Your employees should be able to submit their print jobs in any location and print the documents wherever and whenever they need them.
  • You want to increase the overall efficiency of your print network and make your employees truly mobile in their work.

Our solution: PrintRoaming®

The PrintRoaming® module lets users submit their print jobs in any one location and print the documents wherever and whenever they need them. As long as this remains within the company network, it does not matter if this is in another office, another building or even a location on another continent. Newly enhanced with client-based PrintRoaming®, the software provides this functionality using unique technology that only requires a very small amount of the network’s bandwidth to transfer the data quickly and efficiently.

The benefits

  • Time savings with convenient collecting of print jobs from a chosen printer at any company location.
  • Instant reprinting of documents marked as favourites.
  • Easier collaboration with the sharing of print queues within a team or department.

3) Reporting


Enhanced cost transparency and ultimate cost reductions are enabled within any organisation with the diligent monitoring of individual print, copy, scan and fax patterns and the overall print performance.

Your challenge

  • You need to keep print costs in check in order to adhere to your budgets.
  • You wish for transparency of print costs by allocating them to specific departments, services and individual users.
  • You want to create reports automatically at regular intervals to see the print performance of company branches and subsidiaries.
  • You regularly have to compile comprehensive and meaningful reports for senior corporate management

Our solution: Reporting

The Reporting module helps you keep print, copy, scan and fax costs in check: The central reporting tool tracks all print, copy, fax and document capturing activities throughout an entire organisation, providing tables and graphs for a detailed overview. Print, copy, fax and scan operations are monitored and detailed information is retained on each job, such as job name and print date, a first-page preview and the number of pages. Based on this information, comprehensive reports can be created with just a few clicks.

Management reports are compiled in the same way to obtain a comprehensive overview of the company’s entire print environment, including details on cost centres, devices and users. With this module, “green” reports can also be created showing the positive effects of print savings with regard to reduced timber and water usage as well as lower CO2 levels. Various intervals can be chosen for reports (yearly, quarterly or monthly); and for easier sharing, reports can be exported to various file formats, including PDF, HTML, DOC.

The benefits

  • Enhance the overall printing efficiency with detailed reports that identify where print, copy, scan and fax costs occur.
  • Detailed overview of the printing / scanning ratio.
  • Administrator time savings with automated report settings and e-mailing of reports to designated users.
  • Instant generation of comprehensive and tailored management reports for senior executives.
  • Sustainability reports (e.g. for CSR and similar documentation) show to which extent natural resources can be saved by using the Reporting module.

4) Regain Control and Save Money with Rule-Based printing


Companies that want to manage their printing infrastructure more efficiently depend on rule-based printing to significantly reduce the overall printing costs.

Your challenge

  • Your aim is to optimise the print document workflow by setting up and controlling it with specific rules.
  • You want to control what and how much users are printing in order to reduce the overall printing costs.
  • You mean to avoid colour printing so as to reduce consumables costs.
  • You wish to stop staff from printing every e-mail or at least restrict the printing of e-mails to black and white.

Our solution: Rule-based Engine

The Rule-based Engine enables companies to reduce print costs quickly, reliably and efficiently. It provides a broad set of different user roles that can be allocated to individual users or user groups. The relevant rules are automatically applied to all incoming print jobs from a particular user or user group; print jobs are only processed and printed if they are within the rule conditions. Any document that does not match the defined conditions is rejected, with the user receiving a corresponding message. With this functionality, the Rule-based Engine module is perfect to regain control of print costs and document workflows and keep these in check.

The benefits

  • Specific print rules, e.g. the restriction to monochrome printing, can be applied for an efficient reduction of the overall print costs.
  • The strict allocation of print jobs to suitable devices, i.e. large print jobs to high-volume printers, supports the use of the entire printer fleet to capacity.
  • Automatic watermark imprints in documents with sensitive or critical content provide a maximum of document confidentiality.

5) Credit and Billing


For educational organisations – whether universities, public libraries, colleges or similar – it is essential to charge users for all printing, copying and scanning activities on the facilities that these institutions are obliged to offer their students and lecturers.

Your challenge

  • You need to ensure that users always pay for their printing, copying and scanning activities.
  • You wish to allocate varied price plans to different user groups.
  • You want to offer users the convenience of recharging their accounts via online payment gateways (e.g. PayPal) or by paying cash at a terminal.

Our solution: Credit and Billing

The Credit and Billing module offers users a convenient means of recharging their existing accounts. Users can take advantage of a range of managed print services, including a convenient pay-per-print service as well as releasing jobs securely at any printer in the network.

Several recharge options are available with the Credit and Billing module:

  • Staff cash desk: Users can walk up to an operator and pay cash, which is then credited to the user’s account.
  • Self-service top-up: This involves a payment terminal, at which users can pay bills and coins onto their account.
  • Online recharging: Users can top up their accounts via PayPal or other payment providers.

The benefits

Minimal administrative efforts combined with a maximum of flexibility: Individual price plans are easily allocated to different users or user groups, cost centres and/or output devices.

Users save time and enjoy the enhanced convenience of flexibly recharging their accounts, even online at any time from anywhere.

6) Mobile Print


Modern working environments extend far beyond the employees’ workstations at the office. These days, mobile workers take advantage of mobile devices using them also for their daily work.

Your challenge:

  • You want to offer your employees – especially those working in sales and travelling regularly – increased printing flexibility, enabling them to print in any company branch.
  • Your staff should be able to print in different places at short notice, for example to produce last-minute documentation for essential meetings.

Our solution: Mobile Print

The Mobile Print module provides the typical benefits of today’s modern and mobile work style: Printing is available from anywhere at any time, and documents can be picked up at the printer of choice when they are actually needed. With the built-in document converter, MS Office or LibreOffice are no longer required, providing extra cost savings. Mobile Print frees users from only printing from workstations and ensures increased efficiencies and powerful flexibility.

The benefits

  • Being able to submit print jobs from anywhere at any time, your employees are free to choose from where they want to work. Independence from their workplace provides enhanced mobility and flexibility, increasing users’ overall efficiency and productivity.
  • A maximum of convenience and ease is granted by e-mail submission, web-upload of print jobs as well as submitting documents from mobile devices via native print function embedded in the OS. And as no App is required on client devices, it is extremely timesaving and highly efficient.

7) Advanced Workflows


Beyond printing and copying, implementing digital automated document workflows is another important aspect for modern office environments. Such capabilities are essential in order to increase digital workflow processes and work smarter and more efficiently.

Your challenge

  • You need to index documents directly at the MFP.
  • You need to convert scanned documents retrieved from MFP to Office format.
  • You need to extract data from documents for automated indexing.
  • You want to search for key information from paper documents that have been scanned in.

Our solution: Advanced Workflows

Via the Advanced Workflows module, the Dispatcher Suite not only facilitates managing and keeping track of all printing operations but also provides broad scanning capabilities as part of its functionality. Dispatcher Suite offers scanning features including advanced OCR, file conversion to PDF or Office formats, file renaming and an extensive library of connectors to 3rd party applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

The powerful Dispatcher Suite workflows eliminate the complexity of document digitisation for both administrators and users.

Administrators benefit from a graphical-based workflow builder that makes creating workflows easier than ever. For users, the straightforward menu offers easy scan choices, eliminates confusion and ensures that at the MFP documents are captured correctly and distributed to authorised destinations.

The benefits

  • Simplify daily office routines and boost productivity with predefined workflows and templates for printing, scanning, processing and storing files.
  • Provide a convenient and easy-to-use experience for users with an intuitive menu that makes workflow selections simple and ensures that documents are captured and distributed to the defined destinations.
  • Single Sign On support for scanning directly to SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and more.
  • Convenient indexing and folder browsing from the MFP panel to easily select the desired scan destination.
  • Extract data from files automatically via OCR zones and import into third party systems. Instant connection to cloud Apps directly at the MFP via an intuitive interface.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

With its set of individual modules, the Dispatcher Suite provides a highly scalable and flexible experience

As an advanced print management and document capture solution, the Dispatcher Suite features a modular structure that caters to almost every user need, offering extensive functionality and a maximum of flexibility.

Once it is installed on the company server, the Dispatcher Suite secures and tracks any print job produced on multi-functional devices and network printers. Moreover, implementing digital workflows to replace recurring manual paper-based tasks is another powerful advantage of this solution to increase productivity and efficiency. The Dispatcher Suite’s administrator interfaces ensure the straightforward and intuitive administration of the entire corporate print and workflow management system. With the intuitive and harmonised panel on the output device,

  • Authentication – User authentication is simple, convenient and fast with entry of username and password, PIN or ID card, right at the output device – for reliable and secure device access.
  • Print Roaming® – Users can submit their print jobs to any managed printer in any location within the network and release the prints whenever and wherever they need them.
  • Reporting – In order to optimises cost efficiencies, companies can enable the tracking and accounting of all print jobs. Keep track of the “who, what, where & when” throughout the print environment.
  • Rule-based Engine – Via this module, the administrator can set individual print conditions for different users, such as limiting access rights to b&w printing or making duplex printing obligatory.
  • Credit and Billing – This module is essential for educational institutions and project-based environments that need to charge print, scan and copy costs back to originators.
  • Mobile Print – With this module, users can send their print jobs from mobile devices via e-mail or a web release page, thus enhancing mobility as users are no longer limited to printing only from their workspace.
  • Advanced Workflows – Provides a generous toolset for powerful automated document workflows to capture, index and route documents with almost zero effort. It includes a powerful Workflow Builder tool to easily create complex workflows and offers an extensive variety of 3rd party connectors to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

Dispatcher Suite

Integrated Solution for Print

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix is a powerful application that can help any business save time by automating document image processing, printing, and routing tasks via customisable workflows. With a large variety of processing features, virtually everything is possible and fully automated! Including:

  • Extracting data from documents
  • Converting files to PDF or Office formats
  • Applying annotations
  • Renaming files
  • Watermarking files
  • Connecting to ODBC-compliant databases
  • Routing documents to folders, FTP servers, MFPs, or e-mail recipients

Unique LiveFlo technology provides a real-time view of documents as they are being processed – a great way to identifying bottlenecks and making sure files will reach their correct destinations. Dispatcher Phoenix provides busy offices with the convenience and flexibility they need. The application is highly scalable up to the largest enterprise environments. Dispatcher Phoenix includes a web user interface for access to important enterprise tools – such as apps for registering and grouping devices, setting up server clusters for redundancy/load balancing, failover, offloading, sharing workflows with specific users, registering ID cards to LDAP Server and more. Administrators can manage their workflows (run, stop, pause) from the web as well as edit user variables and view important analytics about work being done, including the number of documents being scanned, files collected, and users scanning.

Multiple capturing methods

Dispatcher Phoenix offers multiple methods of capturing documents and information. It can be operated directly from the bizhub MFP panel or receive data via watch folder, e-mail, mobile device, Google Cloud Print, MFP user box, batch scanning workstation, or direct print stream.

Multiple capturing methods

The application integrates with a suite of cutting-edge technologies that bring the power of the PC to Konica Minolta devices. Documents can be scanned into a workflow of choice directly from the MFP control panel. Users can index their documents; browse through their PC folder structure to choose a folder to store documents; use a search field with type-ahead functionality to quickly filter the list of displayed folders; and even create new folders – all using a visually enhanced display on the MFP.

Multiple capturing methods

Time-consuming tasks can easily be automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Users can automatically collect, process, and distribute files. It is possible to annotate, rename, split, OCR, merge files, and distribute documents to wherever they are needed – all at the touch of a button.

Multiple capturing methods

The graphical-based workflow builder tool features drag-and-drop functionality, customisable icons, drawing tools, and easy-to-follow validation messages, making the creation of workflows easier than ever.

Choice of connectors

One processed, file can be sent automatically to variety of outputs. Store file in folders by connectors. SharePoint, Google Drive, Hyland OnBase and the cloud applications are just some of the backend systems that allow bi-directional communication with Dispatcher Phoenix by single sign-on.

Multiple capturing methods

Offering output into databases as well as xml data, Dispatcher Phoenix grants connectivity to almost any backend system.

Flexible scheduling

Network-intensive processes can be scheduled to run after hours to maximise network performance and free up bandwidth during the workday. The Workflow Scheduler provides both standard and advanced options, offering the choice of specific days and/or times when the workflow should run. Alternatively, workflows can also run in the background while the PC is on, even without opening the Dispatcher Phoenix application.

Companies wanting to extend their automated document workflows with a secured printing infrastructure should consider the Konica Minolta
Dispatcher Suite.




Dispatcher Phonenix Office Solution



At the core of the Dispatcher Paragon functionality is the central accounting of all print, copy and scan operations. Providing comprehensive information with details like job name, first page preview, date, number of pages and toner coverage, the application facilitates and streamlines administrator tasks. What’s more, print administrators can activate pull printing, and create effective print governance policies. Enterprises thus take advantage of a range of tools that allow them to improve print and scan workflows, and increase employee productivity – all of which ultimately helps lower print-related costs while at the same time maximising document security.

Companies that mainly deal with project-based work will be interested in the possibility of assigning billing codes to individual projects, including support for multi-level project structures. Thus, all print operations can easily be allocated to related projects, allowing the fast and straightforward chargeback of print costs to projects or customers. Most educational organisations are obliged to charge all print and copy costs to the originators – for this purpose, Dispatcher Paragon enables you to define various pricing tables and budgets for different users. Last but not least, individual users or user groups can be given access rights on various levels. Furthermore, Dispatcher Paragon is an excellent choice for environments that look for detailed reporting: The application not only allows for the generation of custom analytical and graphical statistics but also comprehensive management reports.

With Dispatcher Paragon, Konica Minolta presents an attractive solution for the effective management of users and costs. By securing the print environment, the application facilitates detailed output & cost reporting, and provides cost assignment and chargeback, central user and role management, as well as budget and quota management capabilities.

Detailed output and cost reporting
  • Web reports
  • Management reports
  • Export of report results
  • Automated reporting
Cost assignment and chargeback
  • Print accounting and monitoring
  • Flexible cost allocation
  • Individual price calculation
  • Tracking of third-party devices
Central user and role management
  • Centralised user management
  • User access roles
  • Centralised authentication management
Budget and quota management
  • Easy budget assignment
  • Periodic budget reset
  • Payment system
  • Cash desk reload
  • Self-service reload
  • Credit card reload
Printing from mobile device
  • Mobile print


Your Print Workflow Command Centre

AccurioPro Flux Essential is Konica Minolta’s software solution for make-ready and professional print workflow automation. This automated print workflow solution helps organisations to speed up workflows, ensure accuracy, and minimise costs.

From one accessible control point, you can manage everything from collecting information about each print job, to editing, processing, queue management, and production. So your print jobs can be delivered on schedule, every time.

Manage print workflows efficiently and effectively – simplifying print processes, while reducing errors and lowering costs.
  • Simple Print Job Collection
    A convenient portal for requesters to send their print jobs to. Files are automatically checked for errors, and all relevant information is also collected at this point.
  • Templates
    Create templates for frequently used print settings and have them automatically applied to corresponding print jobs.
  • Colour Split
    Assign coloured and black & white pages to be printed on specific printers, optimising print usage. Then, relax as Flux Colour Split collates pages in the correct order.
  • Print Queue Management
    Quickly and easily optimise your print queues with features such as job import, hot folders, customer job filters, and cluster printing.
  • Improve productivity, while reducing manpower requirements and costs, thanks to an automated workflow
  • Allow clients to upload their files and print job details remotely
  • Automatically check print files for errors and resolve issues immediately
  • Save time with templates
  • Optimise printer and ink usage with colour split functionality
  • Preview print jobs in real-time
  • Make modification to print jobs (paper size, colour mode, finishing, etc.) easily
  • Automate print settings based on products
  • Easily add and configure register marks and finisher barcodes
  • Manage multiple jobs efficiently with print queue management features
  • Workflows can be customised to fit your personnel, schedule, and other requirements

AccurioPro Flux