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Importance of Colour Accuracy in Printing

Redefining Colour Accuracy in Production Printing

Getting the colours on printed materials right is paramount for production printing, as colours are integral to branding. In fact, presenting colours consistently across all modes (packaging, promotional materials, labels, etc.) can improve brand recognition by 80%.

Small and large businesses dedicate time, effort, and money to develop a cohesive colour identity to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive market. As such, maintaining consistent colours with pinpoint accuracy across collaterals is strategically vital for brand recognition and loyalty.

Colour Control with Advanced Digital Systems

Achieving colour consistency in production printing can often be challenging. There is a wide variety of printing processes, inks, and substrates, not to mention the need to calibrate printers for varying paper types and mass quantities.

Therefore, it is highly beneficial for printing companies to invest in quality digital printing equipment to accelerate business growth. Whether you are involved in commercial or in-house printing, Konica Minolta’s AccurioPress C14000 and C12000 are designed with top-notch IQ-501 technology for unrivalled colour accuracy. These award-winning production printers are a fantastic addition to any printing company’s arsenal for three core reasons:

  1. Picture-Perfect Print Quality

A breakthrough in smart print manufacturing, our AccurioPress C14000 series delivers exceptional quality print after print. Expect a stunning spectrum of colours in crisp resolution, thanks to our proprietary Screen-Enhancing Active Digital (S.E.A.D. X) system,  Simitri V Toner and image density control technology. Highly accurate exposure controls, precision pixel placement, and advanced screening functions work together to achieve superior image accuracy.

Picture Perfect Print Quality

Additionally, user-friendly designs paired with fully automated intelligent modules mean that even your newest press operators will be able to deliver close to offset-like print quality at all times.

  1. Top-Tier Productivity & Consistency

With rapid-fire speeds of up to 140ppm for the AccurioPress C14000 Series, these production printers are investments that never stop working for your business. A host of new in-built features are specially designed to improve uptime and reduce print duration, allowing you to produce high-value prints faster than ever before. Customers are constantly demanding quicker turnaround times — with the AccurioPress C14000 and C12000; you are well-equipped to not only meet demands, but also exceed expectations.

Top Tier Productivity & Consistency

Being 40% faster than any other toner-based printer from Konica Minolta does not stop these high-performance printers from maintaining colour consistency. By automatically adjusting print quality on the fly, you can expect the same impeccable quality from the first to the last print sheet. Such reliability will only serve to boost operational efficiency and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction on all fronts.

  1. Powered By Next-Generation Technology

Meet the IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer. Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge exclusive technology elevates colour consistency and accuracy to new heights. Sit back and enjoy incredibly reliable colour performance, streamlined operator time, and reduced print waste as the IQ-501 works quietly behind the scenes to constantly monitor, adjust, and refine your printed output.

Powered By Next-Generation Technology

Every step of the process is expertly automated — from image registration and colour control to colour calibration and profiling. Aspects such as gamma, density balance, colour density, grey balance, and more can be adjusted in real-time. Factor in the in-built inspection system and you can operate confidently knowing that every print that leaves your shop is nothing short of perfect.

Rethink Colour with Konica Minolta

With outstanding colour performance and flawless print quality, the AccurioPress C14000 and C12000 are a worthy investment for any print business. Consult our dedicated specialists to discover how you can reimagine your business growth with industry-leading digital printing equipment today!

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