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Rethink Efficient Printing with bizhub i-Series

How do you choose a printer that better suits your business?

More offices today are going paperless and relying on technology such as cloud computing to organise their essential documents and files. While larger enterprises can bear the heavy costs of digitalisation more easily, small and medium businesses (SMBs) might struggle to make the switch due to financial or manpower limitations.

For many mom-and-pop type businesses, office printers and copy machines still have an important place in the supply room for a variety of reasons. This can include dealing with clients who still rely heavily on printed documents, lacking the infrastructure to potentially deal with software or server crashes in a digital ecosystem, or simply preferring the process of printing hardcopies.

At the same time, optimising your office printing services is crucial to helping manage or even cut down on overhead costs. Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-Series offers a wide range of multifunction printing and photocopier machines that increase efficiency, connectivity, and usability.

When you have the right printing service by your side, you can save on time and resources so as to better focus on other business priorities.

bizhub C4050i/C3350i: Powerful All-in-One Colour Printing

The bizhub C4050i/C3350i is designed for SMBs who prioritise high-speed efficiency and printing accuracy while still needing to save on space. With dimensions of just 420mm x 528mm, this compact A4 printer has a place even in the smallest of office spaces.

Effectively deal with high-output crunch times with the bizhub C4050i ability to print up to 40 pages per minute. A front access also allows you to save time when replacing or replenishing paper and toner supplies, and Konica Minolta’s signature mobile connectivity lets you manage your office printing services from anywhere and anytime for additional convenience. This means your office printer can be used even by employees working remotely – ensuring it won’t go redundant even if the office is empty for day.

Diverse Scan & Send functions even allow users to scan and send documents through a variety of methods including email, PC, FTP server, and USB flash drive – a useful tool for SMBs looking to gradually go paperless.

bizhub C3320i: Small Machine, Superior Performance

For SMBs that regularly deal with a diverse range of printing needs, the bizhub C3320i offers all-in-one colour printing that can achieve stunning image quality of up to 35ppm at speeds of up to 33ppm (A4) for both colour and monochrome. A variety of paper sizes can also be processed on the C3320i including A4-A6, B5-B6, legal, postcards, and envelopes, enabling your business to offer a wider range of collateral.

The bizhub C3320i is optimised to execute scan, copy, and print functions with both high-speed and high-quality results guaranteed.

Rediscover Premium Office Printing Solutions for Small Businesses

Konica Minolta’s range of bizhub i-Series printers and copy machines are geared to achieve high-quality print jobs and help you achieve your business goals. Optimise your office printing capabilities with the latest and most efficient multifunctional  peripherals. Reach out to our product specialists today for more information on integrating the bizhub i-Series into your office ecosystem.

Which printer suits your business? Find out now using our Business Solutions Recommender, or speak to our specialists for an in-depth recommendation.