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Business Solution in Post Pandemic Workplace

Redesigning Business Solutions in A Post-Pandemic Workplace

The Covid-19 crisis brings with it wave after wave of challenges, especially in the context of a workplace. Though it has had a profound impact on how we live, its far-reaching effects on the workplace is accelerating adoption of agile working practices, shifting business continuity plans.

To get a sense of the speed we are dealing with, consider the videoconferencing app, Zoom. In just a matter of months, the company has added up to 2.22 million monthly active users in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. As millions transition to working from home, businesses are redefining their approach to workflow processes such as document digitization, communication and employee engagement.

What we recognise as a fast-paced world is now beyond measure. Without the luxury of time, businesses need to scale long-term digital strategy initiatives in a matter of months to keep pace.

Reshaping Employee Experience with Improved Workflow

Employees represent organisations and influence work velocity through engagement and productivity. As such, keeping their needs a priority is essential in developing an experience they will value. Businesses need to accommodate adjustments to remote work by mapping for resilience and efficiency for the long haul.

Streamlining business workflow can be achieved through document digitization, reduction in manual processes and integrated storage capacities. Leveraging the organisational element of a document automation software like KOMI Doc Cloud grants businesses real-time access to updated documents, without losing hours in productivity sieving through different versions.

Effective Communication Flow

Even before the pandemic, businesses were gradually adopting integrated tools to create smoother communication channels for both internal and external use – but this is now critical to longevity. Your communication is the glue holding various departments, functions and clients together.

Using all-in-one tools like the KOMI Doc Cloud platform allow businesses to simultaneously consolidate information for internal business units, clients and suppliers. You can close communication loops by reassigning feedback to requesters and even automate the process to reduce legwork.

Flexibility In Virtual Processes

Without supporting software, it can be difficult for employees to get work done efficiently at home. Equipping your communication strategies with digital content management services creates customised, clean workflows without sacrificing efficiency, productivity and trust in the business.

Increased Security

Security has long been a focal point for businesses undergoing digital transformation. Fast-forward to today and cybersecurity is the new reality.

The best part of digitizing your documents and workflows is in its accessibility. With authorised access, KOMI Doc Cloud allows employees to retrieve and upload documents remotely, without compromising on encryption, authentication and other elevated security features. The document control process is more secure with the Digital Safe Box feature, alleviating potential for document loss or leaks.

Designing For Higher Efficiency

54% of leaders attribute poor technology infrastructure to ineffective remote work. Leveraging the power of digital management platforms can help businesses structure, manage and consolidate brand assets in one place.

With clearer definition in user permissions, document storage and custom workflows, employees can work with laser focus. Reshaping the post-pandemic workspace – digitally or otherwise – is a significant shift. But, Konica Minolta’s business solutions in the realm of document digitization and automation can offer businesses results, from effective open communication to streamlined workflow processes.