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Reinventing Digital Label Printing In A Growing Global Market

Konica Minolta recently hit a major milestone in March 2022 when we celebrated the 1000th installation shipment of our AccurioLabel toner digital printing press. This was also accompanied by attaining a top 33% market share in the global labels market, continuing Konica Minolta’s track record of driving cutting-edge digital printing innovation for our customers.

This achievement has happened less than 7 years into our entry of the global labels market, reflecting a major growth in label printing demand worldwide.

The numbers back up this trend, with the print label market having an estimated CAGR of 4.2% from 2021-2026 and the Asia Pacific region in particular quickly emerging as the fastest growing market for the industry. The global label printing market was even valued at $41.02 billion in 2019, with an estimated future value of $49.9 billion by 2024.

One way printing companies can take advantage of this market trend is to embrace in-house digital label printing and revolutionise traditional product packaging to stay ahead of the curve.

Why digital label printing is the way forward

We are constantly surrounded by labels in our everyday lives – from the packaged food we buy at the supermarket to the greeting cards we send out to loved ones on special holidays. Labels are an important way for businesses and brands to not only convey key information and messages to a consumer, but to build up and emphasise their own unique brand identity.

Offering digital label printing services to your customers isn’t just a lucrative business strategy, but a way to meaningfully help independent businesses achieve product differentiation in a saturated market, as well as value-add to the daily lives of individual consumers.

In-house digital label printing poses several major advantages over traditional prints that can help both you and your customer achieve your intended outcomes, namely:

  • Flexible and scalable print management for faster processing times
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use operation with minimal time and resources needed for user training
  • Consistent and assured high quality production value across high-volume print runs
  • Wider options for personalisation, such as embellishment and texture printing
  • Variable data printing that can eliminate excess waste even when printing individual customised product labels

Overall the key benefit of using a digital rather than traditional label printer comes down to its fast installation and setup speed, as well as flexibility in managing both quantity and speed. With no warm-up time needed, Konica Minolta digital printers such as the AccurioLabel 230 allow you to reduce waste, optimise costs and resources, and reorganise manpower allocation. All of which help your business avoid lofty overheads and offer a greater variety of label and customisation options to your customers.

Reinventing digital label printing innovation in a growing market

Konica Minolta’s range of digital label printers such as the AccurioLabel 230 allow you to offer creative and novel digital label experiences in order to expand your business offerings. The AccurioLabel 230 is capable of producing small batches of high-quality labels and stickers while prioritising speed, quality, and flexibility – resulting in labels that enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately help you attract and retain a wider customer base.

Reach out to our team of product specialists today to find out how the AccurioLabel 230 and Konica Minolta’s revolutionary digital printing technology can deliver new innovative print possibilities and help advance your business goals.