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Integrating A Production Printer for Non-Print Houses

A production printer is the way forward for making a professional impression that raises the bar in consumer experience and product promotion. Print jobs have increasingly become more complex, but thanks to technological advancements, it is more accessible. Whether it’s a brochure or flyer, product label or magazine, production printing offers impressive capabilities in delivering high-quality print jobs.

Non-print houses such as the publishing sector can benefit majorly from having effective production printing solutions. For businesses that require high volume, dependable printing, Konica Minolta’s line of production printers fits the bill. Not only are they highly reliable, but they’re also versatile and deliver impressive results, which makes integrating them worth their salt.

  1. Reliable & efficient

Investing in a powerhouse production printer is one surefire way of reliably bringing print jobs back in-house, which notably gives businesses attempting to reduce costs and drive productivity. Production printing is where it’s at for large scale printing, in top quality.

An all-in-one printer, the AccurioPress C4080 series is both agile and productive. This digital printing press can deliver fully-finished output, with the flexibility of 2-sided printing sheets up to 34” long at 80/70 ppm – making it a cost-effective yet highly efficient business solution. Likewise, the AccurioPrint C4065 is a compact unit that goes at 66 colour ppm and 80 monochrome ppm output, perfect for non-print houses.

  1. Versatile for multi-use

For non-print houses, the value of a production printer is in its versatility. Fully-configured to print flat sheets, duplex long sheets of up to 864mm, and capable of finishing prints inline with extensive finishing options – the AccurioPress C4080 series is a single do-it-all engine.

Upping the ante on print projects is made possible with the AccurioShine 101. Very easily set-up, it allows for in-house embellishments with special effects like toner foiling, metallic colour foil, lamination films, and spot gloss highlights.

  1. Peak performance

Konica Minolta delivers excellence with the latest technology in its production printers.

The AccurioJet KM-1e replaced two digital machines for global accessories firm Hama, delivering better product experience achieved through high-value added packaging. Folding carton box production that was previously outsourced was able to be brought back in-house at Hama, reducing costs. With 18,000 product lines, high volume blister packaging production became an important application for Hama, made possible by the AccurioJet KM-1e. Zero downtime and running in a two-shift operation, the production printer exceeded demand and expectations with personalised packaging that had consistent quality and scratch resistance. A powerhouse for businesses bringing outsourced print jobs in-house and technology as we know it, is a game changer in delivering top productivity and performance.

Rethink Business Goals with Konica Minolta

Value-added packaging, improved product experience, and consistent consumer reviews all spell good news for businesses scaling up and looking for dependable production printers. Konica Minolta is the business solutions provider for that, shifting the competitive landscape inch by inch for industries that typically print and non-print houses that can benefit from a cost-effective in-house option.

Optimising Workflows with Document Digitisation Solutions

Creating, editing, and sharing documents across multiple business functions can take a toll, even on your most organised employees. From ensuring consent and managing expectations to sharing information, documentation will remain an integral part of every business.

Advancing into technological uses translates to the steady but persistent rise in document digitisation services. Routing and approval processes require efficient and secure pathways – a feature prevalent in an effective document management system.

Komi Doc

Documents on the Cloud

KOMI Doc helps businesses simplify workflows through document digitisation and efficient routing. Boasting multiple advanced features, the Cloud document management system transforms the way your business operates, giving it an edge over competitors.

By significantly reducing time and effort that goes into document management, businesses will be able to offer better customer service and seamless processes. Effective document management can demonstrate unrivalled advantages for a smoother, more cohesive business.

Digitising for efficiency

Although paper documentation is a thing of the past, some organisations upkeep a few of them for fears of digital privacy intrusions. Not only are they difficult to trace, they also take up a large amount of physical space.

Document digitisation solutions like ours can help your business transition to electronic workflows – a necessary adaptation with increased remote work needs. KOMI Doc’s mobile app, for instance, allows employees to access documents anytime anywhere. Similarly, retrieving the most recent version of a document is no longer a roadblock.

Improving integrative capabilities

From communication to multi-tool accessibility, KOMI Doc is ready to deploy for effective document management and seamless workflows.

The Workflow Manager engine straightens out advanced document routing, bypassing common roadblocks in approvals that are apparent in collaborative work. Printing your documents is one step away, through smart integration with the multifunction printer (MFP) panel. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows for quick search and retrieve needs, making the process straightforward for all executives.

Enhancing confidentiality 

Security is one of the biggest challenges organisations are facing as the transition to all things digital garners speed.

The KOMI Doc document management platform comes with enhanced security features, including but not limited to encryption, digital watermarks, access control, and multi-factor authentication. Organisations can collaborate confidently, knowing preliminary structures are in place for added security.

Reshaping Document Digitisation with Konica Minolta

Streamlining processes for document control is key to seamless and efficient business workflows. Document control and collaboration are cornerstones of every business. No matter what line of work, the need for smarter document digitisation is prevalent. With Konica Minolta’s KOMI Doc platform, you’ll be able to hit the nail on a number of touchpoints – security, communication, and automation.

Speak with an expert today to start your digital transformation journey.

Redesigning Business Solutions in A Post-Pandemic Workplace

The Covid-19 crisis brings with it wave after wave of challenges, especially in the context of a workplace. Though it has had a profound impact on how we live, its far-reaching effects on the workplace is accelerating adoption of agile working practices, shifting business continuity plans.

To get a sense of the speed we are dealing with, consider the videoconferencing app, Zoom. In just a matter of months, the company has added up to 2.22 million monthly active users in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. As millions transition to working from home, businesses are redefining their approach to workflow processes such as document digitization, communication and employee engagement.

What we recognise as a fast-paced world is now beyond measure. Without the luxury of time, businesses need to scale long-term digital strategy initiatives in a matter of months to keep pace.

Reshaping Employee Experience with Improved Workflow

Employees represent organisations and influence work velocity through engagement and productivity. As such, keeping their needs a priority is essential in developing an experience they will value. Businesses need to accommodate adjustments to remote work by mapping for resilience and efficiency for the long haul.

Streamlining business workflow can be achieved through document digitization, reduction in manual processes and integrated storage capacities. Leveraging the organisational element of a document automation software like KOMI Doc Cloud grants businesses real-time access to updated documents, without losing hours in productivity sieving through different versions.

Effective Communication Flow

Even before the pandemic, businesses were gradually adopting integrated tools to create smoother communication channels for both internal and external use – but this is now critical to longevity. Your communication is the glue holding various departments, functions and clients together.

Using all-in-one tools like the KOMI Doc Cloud platform allow businesses to simultaneously consolidate information for internal business units, clients and suppliers. You can close communication loops by reassigning feedback to requesters and even automate the process to reduce legwork.

Flexibility In Virtual Processes

Without supporting software, it can be difficult for employees to get work done efficiently at home. Equipping your communication strategies with digital content management services creates customised, clean workflows without sacrificing efficiency, productivity and trust in the business.

Increased Security

Security has long been a focal point for businesses undergoing digital transformation. Fast-forward to today and cybersecurity is the new reality.

The best part of digitizing your documents and workflows is in its accessibility. With authorised access, KOMI Doc Cloud allows employees to retrieve and upload documents remotely, without compromising on encryption, authentication and other elevated security features. The document control process is more secure with the Digital Safe Box feature, alleviating potential for document loss or leaks.

Designing For Higher Efficiency

54% of leaders attribute poor technology infrastructure to ineffective remote work. Leveraging the power of digital management platforms can help businesses structure, manage and consolidate brand assets in one place.

With clearer definition in user permissions, document storage and custom workflows, employees can work with laser focus. Reshaping the post-pandemic workspace – digitally or otherwise – is a significant shift. But, Konica Minolta’s business solutions in the realm of document digitization and automation can offer businesses results, from effective open communication to streamlined workflow processes.

In the age of digital transformation, cybercrime has emerged as today’s fastest-growing form of criminal activity, with 43% of online attacks now aimed at the Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)s, yet only 14% are prepared to defend themselves.1 What this means to business owners, is the increasing  need to be more cybersecurity conscious and  to invest more to defend themselves against cyberattacks that pose significant threat to their IT infrastructure. Companies need to educate their staff to send any suspicious targeted social engineering attack such as scareware directly to cybersecurity team for analysis, and business owners also needs to work closely with international law enforcement agencies as well as national regulatory bodies to build a comprehensive cyber defence.

As COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the globe, cybercriminals around the world undoubtedly are poised to capitalise on the crisis by launching a different kind of “virus”. Companies should ensure all corporate owned or managed devices are equipped with essential security capabilities and adhere to security best practices in remote environments. These critical capabilities such as the ability to: 2

  • securely connect users to their business-critical cloud and on-premise applications, such as video teleconferencing applications which are increasingly relevant for remote work environments
  • Provide endpoint protection on all laptops and mobile devices, including VPN tools with encryption
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Block exploits, malware and command-and-control (C2) traffic using real-time, automated threat intelligence
  • Filter malicious domain URLs and perform DNS sinkholing to thwart common phishing attacks

While organisations may eventually face the prospect of functioning with little to no personnel on-site and other important support functions, and businesses are trying to figure out how to stay operational in a virtual world, the need to invest in cybersecurity solutions to protect their businesses, especially since the loss of personal information and impact of a cyber-attack can be far greater than the cost of getting protected in the first place.3

Hacking techniques are constantly evolving and is increasingly getting more complex. As a result, cybersecurity is a growing concern for the organisation globally. Legacy technologies such as firewall and antivirus software are proving inadequate in this evolving cyber threat landscape. Vulnerabilities in the computer system security have been exploited by unethical hackers, resulting in millions of personal information being stolen, sold or held for ransom, creating a debilitating impact on the economy. With Konica Minolta CyberSecure Platform, we provide multi-featured defence in a box which helps organisations to mitigate cyber threats instantly.4

An innovative and automated way of securing your network, the CyberSecure Platform typically deploys in-line, where the packet is processed in lightning speed with comprehensive security engine that prevents intrusion. Most importantly, the CyberSecure Platform is invisible to the hackers, thus provides a robust protection to your network.

Key Features
Key Pictures

Key Benefits of CyberSecure Platform

  • Invisible to cyber criminals (Stealth mode)
  • Malicious packets are dropped even before it reaches the firewall (bi-directional)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

To find out more about CyberSecure Platform







How well do you know your office printer or multifunction device? Most of the employees only know the basic functions of printing, scanning, faxing and copying. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the useful functions and things that you probably didn’t know your printer can do, that will allow you to use your printers to the fullest potential.

Print on-the-go with any devices

Printing anything from anywhere is no longer a fantasy. In fact, it is often a necessity for most people using handheld devices like smartphone, tablet and laptop which are essential part of your daily workflow.

No more worrying about “Where can I print?”, you can now print remotely with device of your choice through the mobile printing function. The function allows you to easily connect your mobile device to the printer or multifunction device, and seamlessly print and scan documents at any time. Moreover, this makes your printing jobs even simpler as you can print a document from one location, then collect it from another.

Some printing jobs can be completed via email where your email address is connected with your printer and you can send document to print before you leave your work, so that there is no reason to miss important deadlines due to printing issues. All these capabilities increase your productivity and help you save time to focus the more important things.

Storage Management

Most printers can store hundreds and thousands of pages in the built-in memory. There is also a USB port for you to insert a USB flash drive and using it as an extra external drive. Simply save the files in the USB flash drive by using the touchscreen panel of your printer or drag-and-drop the files in Windows Explorer or Finder on a Mac from your PC. Subsequently, you can print directly from the USB flash drive or just unplug and insert it to another compatible device to read your files.

Scan hardcopy documents to editable and searchable formats

Are you having a hard time re-keying the information from hardcopy documents like invoices, forms, contracts? The manual process can be time consuming and prone to human errors. By using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can digitise paper documents with your multifunction device.

The OCR technology allows you to scan paper documents, capture all the data automatically and turn them into a text documents including PDF or Microsoft Office documents which can be further edited and searchable. The document conversion makes it easier for companies to process paper documents on a daily basis.

Print customized labels and stickers

Using your printer, you can print colourful, eye-catching materials like labels and stickers that adds a touch of professionalism to your client gifts, tradeshows and conferences. All you need is a good-quality inkjet printer which could handle a variety of document types, including labels and stickers. You just need to make a few adjustments to the default setting while printing labels, stickers and nametags, and you be on your way to get the best results that you are looking for!

Go green and help save the planet

More than ever, businesses across the world are working hard to reduce their environmental footprint and to create a sustainable future for the planet. Selecting the right printer, you can automatically reduce paper wastage and minimise impact to the environmental without any conscious effort.

Konica Minolta promotes sustainable development and integrates environmental and social perspectives into our business strategies. You can rely on Konica Minolta products to underpin your green strategy to build your business.

To address environmental issues such as global warming, our products are designed and manufactured to complying with global environmental standards, including the International Energy Star Program which aims to develop and introduce highly energy-efficient office equipment.

When it comes to the printer’s end of life, the material of the printer can also have a significant impact on what happens next. The plastics used in most printers are detrimental to the environment, so Konica Minolta developed a proprietary recycled PET-based polymer alloy, which is regarded as a promising sustainable plastic. The recyclable material effectively uses PET waste which has a lower environmental impact.

Now you have a good knowledge about all the incredible things the modern printer can do, why not
check out Konica Minolta’s latest range of office printers that will help take your business to new heights today!

If you have any questions, a member of our staff would be more than happy to help if you contact us today.

As the printing, label, and flexible packaging industry continues to face stiff competition, it is even more important for commercial printing companies to be able to offer competitive options and stay ahead of the rest of the crowd. One way to distinguish yourself from your competitors is to offer digital embellishment on labels and flexible packaging, which can help elevate your print jobs and differentiate your services to capture the attention of your customer base.

Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish 3D Web uses digital technology to give you higher flexibility, faster delivery times, and improved personalisation options across your products. It is the only digital printer than can do spot UV and foil digital enhancement on web-printed products, enabling you to produce embellished labels and flexible packaging within the same production line. This helps to save on overhead costs and redirect manpower or finance resources to other parts of the business.

1. Wider variety of finishings and substrate compatibility

The MGI JETvarnish 3D Web comes with a full Rotary Flexo UV station, which expands the substrate compatibility by applying a coating on top of incompatible substrates so that embellishment can be applied.

You can now achieve and offer embellishment options including spot UV, foiling (in both flat and embossed effects), and texture printing across multiple product types and substrates, including coated and uncoated paper, synthetics, films, and light cardboard.

With compatibility assured across digital and traditional printing technologies, the MGI JETvarnish 3D enables companies to enhance their labels and flexible packaging within one system. Embracing an all-in-one digital solution such as this can help streamline and simplify your production processes

2. Improved production speed balanced with high-quality finishings

With so many competitors now fighting for visibility, shortening turnaround time on print jobs while maintaining a high-quality final product is crucial to setting yourself apart as a market leader. As more customers seek out multi-sensory brand experiences, digital embellishments are a great way to offer unique options and remain ahead of the curve.

Konica Minolta’s exclusive inkjet technology ensures precise and efficient embellishment applications for print jobs of all sizes, with print speeds of up to 42 m/min. At the same time, the MGI JETvarnish 3D Web can achieve tactile and embossing effects from 7 to 232 microns – so you can enjoy consistent and premium printing quality even across high-volume requests.

The integrated MGI Artificial Intelligence Smartscanner (AIS) varnish and hot-foil registration system further reduces make-ready time and waste by automatically accounting for skew, stretch, contraction, and shift adjustment. Each image is scanned and automatically compared with a digital mask file during the printing process itself to ensure pinpoint accuracy with no registration marks required. If defects are detected on the printed substrate, the AIS will automatically adjust the spot UV and foil to align precisely with the defective print. This ensures consistency across your finished products, cutting down on excess waste.

3. Personalisation options with digital Spot UV and iFOIL technology

A major draw of embellishment printing is the opportunity for increased personalisation which delivers exceptional print enhancement value to the decoration, label, and flexible packaging markets. With MGI’s patented technologies, the MGI JETvarnish 3D Web can produce variable 2D or 3D spot varnish and foil embellishments, allowing you to offer even more customisation options. iFOIL technology also enables you to print a wide variety of foil types including metallic, holographic, matte, and pigmented foils. This allows you to create added value across a variety of formats, enhancing the range of products you can offer to customers.

Rethink the possibilities for digital Print Embellishment

By cutting down on finishing times for production runs with the MGI JETvarnish 3D Web, you can free up manpower and other resources to enhance other aspects of your business. Look forward to achieving increased product differentiation with advanced print embellishment options, using the most efficient and intuitive cutting-edge digital embellishment machine on the market. Get in touch with our specialists to find out more about our digital embellishment printing solutions.

A printer is a must for the smooth operation of a business, but any ordinary printer will not suffice. Technology has enabled the advent of smart offices, driven by innovations that deliver more than just basic functionalities. We are talking about multifunction printers (MFPs) that offer a robust print management solution to support and enhance everyday print, copy, fax and scan processes in more ways than before. Built on an intricate solution, print management delivers greater efficiency and productivity to businesses. What makes an upgrade highly essential for any business?

print management delivers greater efficiency and productivity to businesses.

1. Remote printing is made possible

With print management solution, document production is no longer geographically-bounded. This is especially true for businesses with remote employees who require operational flexibility. A print management solution allows employees to submit print jobs from any location connected to the company network and have them processed and released in the desired location. Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Paragon offers just that. Fit with a PrintRoaming® module, prints can be submitted and delivered from any location, and only utilising minimal bandwidth of the company’s network. Complementing this is the Mobile Print module that supports workers who are required to process documents on the go away from their workstations.

Remote printing is made possible

2. Document security is enhanced with authentication

Enhanced connectivity for improved print efficiencies can only be achieved with robust security implementation. Putting document security as a priority, MFPs’ print management solution like the Dispatcher Paragon comes with Authentication modules that accord you full control of all print activities. By only permitting jobs from authorized users, it prevents breach of sensitive documents through the network. It also eliminates the probabilities of unattended prints on MFP trays, reducing the risk of them falling into the wrong hands by tracking print user activities across the network.

Document security is enhanced with authentication

3. Print costs can be tracked, managed & optimized

The operational capability of any business is influenced by business spend and the ability to scale. A print management solution lets businesses gain complete visibility of print costs company-wide. With the Dispatcher Suite, automated reports can be churned out for minute details of print and copying behavior across departments, services and individual users. These comprehensive reports allow management to make informed decisions on cost optimization measures for better print efficiency as well as improve corporate sustainability by implementing more environmentally-friendly print policies. This can be further achieved with rule-based printing by limiting the capacities of specific printers across the network. For instance, some printers may have restricted color printing or black and white email printing. Further providing cost optimization opportunities are built-in document converters that reduce the need for additional software integration required for file conversions as part of print processing.

Print costs can be tracked, managed & optimized


Rethink your print experience

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Paragon is designed to deliver operational efficacies to businesses by improving productivity and increasing document security while reducing print services costs.

We rethink print experience by effectively streamlining and simplifying print management for your businesses connected over remote networks. The solution, with its scalable architecture, underpins smooth day-to-day processes, reducing hiccups in work delivery and enabling remote work.

Speak to our experts today and find out how a print management solution can bring your business to greater heights.

A multifunction printer is only as good as its hardware and software. In the office setting, the combined capabilities of both are instrumental in achieving seamless operations day-to-day.

Rethinking the office of the future, Konica Minolta marries the robust performance of bizhub i-Series suite of office multifunction printers with the versatility of Dispatcher Paragon, creating an effective environment for print management aimed at continuous productivity.

Ideal for offices in all industries, from healthcare to education, we cover the essential touchpoints that necessitate the adoption of good office printing practices.

Dispatcher Paragon keeps costs under control

The print accounting and management solution Dispatcher Paragon has won the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Cost Accounting & Recovery Solution

Dispatcher Paragon keeps costs under control

Companies are under more pressure than ever before when it comes to keeping their costs in check. However, many organizations have no control over who is printing, what is being printed, how much an individual user or department is printing or how much money they are spending on printing overall.

With Dispatcher Paragon costs relating to printing, scanning, copying and faxing can be centrally tracked and easily charged back to the relevant teams, departments and individual users. This helps organizations to eliminate paper waste and prevent IT budgets from spiraling out of control.

Speak to our experts today to find out more about Dispatcher Paragon.


Staying Secure: Print Authentication

Security is at the heart of any hardware or software implementation, and Konica Minolta stays at the top of the game by delivering sound-proof strategies for the office environment. Dispatcher Paragon features print authentication to ensure only authorised personnel have access to printers. With the option of using your access card, biometric or contactless facial recognition together with the bizhub i-Series multifunction printers, it ensures that only authorised persons are allowed to print and collect their documents securely  –  eliminating any risks of missing sensitive documents.

The built-in antivirus solution in the multifunction printers, the Bitdefender, offers added protection of data, alongside the advanced security setting of the bizhub SECURE that safeguards data stored in the encrypted SSD and the network. These are extremely critical in print-heavy industries that require a high level of security. For instance, individualized and endorsed student records produced for official documentation by education authorities as well as affidavits printed by lawyers for high-profile litigation cases must avoid tampering of such documents, the solution of which Konica Minolta effectively provides.


Keeping Safe: Mobile Contactless Printing

Allowing for greater flexibility in printing, Dispatcher Paragon enables users to securely print to any office printers as long as they are connected within the organization’s network via their mobile devices Dispatcher Paragon allows jobs to be sent directly from mobile devices through the Konica Minolta Mobile Print app, ideal for employees on-the-go. Android/IOS users can scan the QR code on the MFP or scan for available devices via Bluetooth to authenticate and release their print jobs from their mobile device. Being able to submit print jobs from anywhere at any time, employees are free to choose from where they want to work. Independence from their workplace provides enhanced mobility, increasing users’ overall efficiency and productivity

The Konica Minolta Mobile Print app also allows jobs to be sent directly from mobile devices, ideal for employees on-the-go. Mobile users can turn on NFC and hover over the printer’s built-in mobile touch area to pair, authenticate, print and scan.


Going Green: Environmentally-friendly Offices

Konica Minolta also champions a range of environmental considerations to address the need for greater sustainability during business operations. For instance, the casing of the multifunction printer is built with recycled materials. Up to 70% of the exteriors are made of recycled Polycarbonate Polyethylene Terephthalate (PC/PET) while the interiors include up to 95% of recycled Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin. Power consumption is also improved, especially in sleep mode that draws only 0.5W.

In terms of carbon footprint, the bizhub i-Series supports a carbon dioxide reduction of up to 29%. Complementing these, the Dispatcher Paragon also allows administrators to manage print jobs and reduce unnecessary wastage of resources. Its rule-based engine sets conditions and resulting actions, for example, restricting users to only mono-printing.

Going Green: Environmentally-friendly Offices


Rethinking office operations with Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta aims to revolutionise the way offices operate, taking a leap into the future with the bizhub i-Series and Dispatcher Paragon, as well as a suite of other tools that deliver an intelligent connected workplace of the future. To learn more about what we can do for your office and business, consult our specialists today.

Following a year of workplace changes that taught businesses plenty about scalability, we can relook at the function of the everyday office. No longer serving as the main workspace for employees following pandemic-enforced remote working measures, the office we see today can serve a more holistic function. More as a space for collaboration and networking, it complements employees’ preferences for flexible workplaces.

Businesses providing such flexible workspace arrangements such as co-working, shared office spaces or ‘work from hotel’ solutions will therefore need to step up to adapt to the trends. Providing operationally-ready environments is one, but delivering more value to remote workers is another.

Ensuring that these flexi-work places come equipped with printers that have similar or more functions than that of their usual workspace is pertinent. What are the best office printers to suit today’s working styles?

Konica Minolta’s range of award-winning bizhub i-series colour multifunction printers are conceived and designed with the consumer in mind. Whether you are an executive managing corporate governance, an IT professional streamlining security and managerial processes or a daily user preferring simple interfaces, our colour multifunction printers are aimed at delivering productivity with top-class technology and ease of use. Here’s a guide to get started.

  1. bizhub C650i / C550i / C450i

bizhub C650i / C550i / C450i

(Konica Minolta’s bizhub C450i)

Our line of A3 colour multifunction printers from the bizhub C650i series is a good starting point if you are keen to upgrade your office printer to the best. It is fitted with modern functions necessary for fast, quality, secure and even lightweight design-related printing in the office. These printers are also equipped with additional functions to help you work remotely, remaining secure with an array of security functions built right into the printer.

Top features:

  • Fast printing & copying capabilities of up to 65/65 ppm
  • 1 inch colour touch panel with intuitive interface, including a choice between simple and advanced panel layout option
  • State-of-the-art security with various security features, from Bitdefender’s virus-scan engine to multiple modes of user authentication
  • Mobile printing for touchless experience and remote printing


  1. bizhub C360i / C300i / C250i

bizhub C360i / C300i / C250i

(Konica Minolta’s bizhub C300i)

Another option complementing the bizhub C650i line of printers is the bizhub C360i series. With its lower but comparable print speeds for A3 (18/18 ppm) and A4 (36/36 ppm) printing, these printers are made for workspaces who require the same capabilities of the best multifunction office printers Konica Minolta has to offer, at a lower cost.

Top features:

  • Higher scanning quality at both 200dpi and 300dpi for simplex and duplex
  • 1 inch colour touch panel with multi-touch support, comparable to the C650i series
  • Highest level of data security with features, including Bitdefender’s virus-scan engine and memory data auto deletion that ensures data confidentiality during unauthorised intrusion
  • Remote-enabled printing capabilities allowing users to manage and print their documents remotely


  1. bizhub C750i

bizhub C750i

(Konica Minolta’s bizhub C750i)

If you are looking for the best A3 colour multifunction printer, the bizhub C750i is it. This printer makes the cut for an office that requires bulk yet quick prints, in addition to its scanning quality that tops the charts. It is well-suited for workspaces that serve a wide range of users, while remaining compact enough for multiple variations of physical spaces. Shared offices and flexi-workspaces would also benefit from such a heavy-duty multifunction printer as these places serve a high volume of users at the same time.

Top features:

  • Fast printing & copying capabilities of up to 70/75 ppm
  • Fastest scanning speed of 140/140 ipm for simplex and 280/280 ipm for duplex at 200dpi
  • Data security, environmental safety and mobile printing capabilities comparable to the bizhub C650i and bizhub C360i series

Konica Minolta’s bizhub A3 range has been awarded BLI 2021 A3 Line of The Year Award

We are also proud to announce that we have received 12 Buyers Lab (BLI) Awards from Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading and independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software and services. In addition to 10 BLI 2021 Pick Awards for its bizhub A3 MFPs, Konica Minolta secured the BLI 2021 A3 Line of The Year Award. Based on long-term comprehensive testing, Konica Minolta was further acknowledged with the BLI 2021-2023 Most Colour Consistent A3 Brand Award.

Read more about this award from our 15 January Press Release – Konica Minolta wins 12 BLI Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for its bizhub i-Series, including ‘A3 Line of the Year’.

We’ll let the product speak for itself. If you are looking for the best office printer in 2021, get in touch with our consultants today!

How do you choose a printer that better suits your business?

More offices today are going paperless and relying on technology such as cloud computing to organise their essential documents and files. While larger enterprises can bear the heavy costs of digitalisation more easily, small and medium businesses (SMBs) might struggle to make the switch due to financial or manpower limitations.

For many mom-and-pop type businesses, office printers and copy machines still have an important place in the supply room for a variety of reasons. This can include dealing with clients who still rely heavily on printed documents, lacking the infrastructure to potentially deal with software or server crashes in a digital ecosystem, or simply preferring the process of printing hardcopies.

At the same time, optimising your office printing services is crucial to helping manage or even cut down on overhead costs. Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-Series offers a wide range of multifunction printing and photocopier machines that increase efficiency, connectivity, and usability.

When you have the right printing service by your side, you can save on time and resources so as to better focus on other business priorities.

bizhub C4050i/C3350i: Powerful All-in-One Colour Printing

The bizhub C4050i/C3350i is designed for SMBs who prioritise high-speed efficiency and printing accuracy while still needing to save on space. With dimensions of just 420mm x 528mm, this compact A4 printer has a place even in the smallest of office spaces.

Effectively deal with high-output crunch times with the bizhub C4050i ability to print up to 40 pages per minute. A front access also allows you to save time when replacing or replenishing paper and toner supplies, and Konica Minolta’s signature mobile connectivity lets you manage your office printing services from anywhere and anytime for additional convenience. This means your office printer can be used even by employees working remotely – ensuring it won’t go redundant even if the office is empty for day.

Diverse Scan & Send functions even allow users to scan and send documents through a variety of methods including email, PC, FTP server, and USB flash drive – a useful tool for SMBs looking to gradually go paperless.

bizhub C3320i: Small Machine, Superior Performance

For SMBs that regularly deal with a diverse range of printing needs, the bizhub C3320i offers all-in-one colour printing that can achieve stunning image quality of up to 35ppm at speeds of up to 33ppm (A4) for both colour and monochrome. A variety of paper sizes can also be processed on the C3320i including A4-A6, B5-B6, legal, postcards, and envelopes, enabling your business to offer a wider range of collateral.

The bizhub C3320i is optimised to execute scan, copy, and print functions with both high-speed and high-quality results guaranteed.

Rediscover Premium Office Printing Solutions for Small Businesses

Konica Minolta’s range of bizhub i-Series printers and copy machines are geared to achieve high-quality print jobs and help you achieve your business goals. Optimise your office printing capabilities with the latest and most efficient multifunctional  peripherals. Reach out to our product specialists today for more information on integrating the bizhub i-Series into your office ecosystem.

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