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From Digital to Physical: Bring High-Quality Prints to Life With Konica Minolta’s Production Printers

The production printing industry is flourishing, with growing demands for high-speed printing for a vast range of applications such as publishing, advertising, packaging and more. Partly fueled by trending shifts from offset to digital production printing, the print equipment market is set to reach a staggering US$15.75 billion by 2026, in spite of the COVID-19 economic downturn in 2020.

Amidst such heavy competition, how can print service providers stand out from the crowd? The key to success lies in achieving speed, quality and reliability. Companies with the capability to bring customers’ digital designs to life with vibrant colour accuracysuperior efficiency, along with value-adding printing services stand to thrive in today’s saturated market.

Here’s a closer look at how Konica Minolta’s suite of AccurioPress production print solutions can help take your business to the next level.

  1. AccurioPress C14000/C12000: Printing Made Simple

The AccurioPress C14000 and C12000 are designed to make large-volume production printing an absolute breeze. Rest assured that you can depend on these outstanding flagship models to deliver consistent print quality day after day, with unparalleled ease and efficiency on a variety of media.


One of the key features of the AccurioPress C1400/C12000 includes the Intelligent Quality Optimizer IQ-501. It provides revolutionary automation, enabling you to adjust print quality on the fly and ensure only the best prints leave your business.

With speeds of up to 140ppm on the AccurioPress C14000, you can significantly reduce turnaround times and produce more top-quality print products faster than ever with this printing equipment in your arsenal. Combined with hassle-free inline finishing capabilities such as cutting, creasing, and binding, the AccurioPress C14000 series is sure to enhance your operational efficiency and deliver the fastest return on investment.

  1. AccurioPress C7100/C7090: Agility Beyond Comparison

The revolutionary AccurioPress C7100 series was developed with one core goal in mind: to create a press that works smarter, not harder. Optimised performance, reliability and durability are key drivers of business profitability — all of which can be achieved with the help of the AccurioPress C7100 series.

Even the most complex projects can be completed without a hitch, as the user-friendly functions make handling effortless even for rookie operators. With innovative technology such as the Simitri® V Toner the AccurioPress C7100 series guarantees the best possible print quality on various media.

Achieve flawless print quality that your clients will love and unlock new opportunities for business growth with the AccurioPress C7100 series.

  1. AccurioPress C4080/C4070: An All-In-One Powerhouse

If you are looking for a well-rounded production printer, then the AccurioPress C4080 series is the way to go. A wealth of functionalities is packed into one single, versatile press: two-sided banner printing, professional inline finishing, an Intelligent Media Sensor, seamless integration and outstanding paper compatibility, just to name a few.

Without a doubt, the AccurioPress C4080 series is your trusty companion when it comes to growing your business and developing new revenue streams in untapped markets. This agile production colour press is equipped with innovative imaging technology, allowing you to dazzle your customers with eye-catching colour prints for every print job.

With versatile configurations to choose from, the AccurioPress C4080 series truly does it all — be it flat sheets, duplex long sheets (up to 864 mm), and sophisticated inline finishing options to meet customer demands.

Redefine Print Quality For Greater Business Success

The AccurioPress range of production printers by Konica Minolta offers the best of both worlds in terms of quality and quantity — delivering consistently exceptional prints at lightning speeds for faster output. Take the first step towards bringing top-quality prints to life with our series of printing systems today. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of specialists

From industrial to office printers, inkjet technology is steadily dominating the print production industry. The industry also shows no signs of slowing down, with commercial printing generating nearly $900 billion annual revenue and digital print growing at an average of 10% annually.

As mass production of communication and marketing materials – such as brochures, posters, product labels, business cards, and books – ramped up over the decades, advances in inkjet printing technology brings unrivalled value.

Improved image colour and print quality, lowered costs, and impressive turnaround times are contributing factors that make inkjet technology the preferred print production method for businesses globally.

How Konica Minolta’s Inkjet Print Capabilities Stand Out

Inkjet printing is primed to meet the print production demands of different industries and businesses today but how do you pick the printer best suited for your needs? Digital printing has evolved quite impressively, with toner-based and inkjet technologies to meet the speed and quality that consumers of commercial print now expect.

1. Premium print quality

Matching demand with quantity and quality, the AccurioJet KM-1e provides stellar colour stability and consistency.

Advantages of UV inkjet printing

With the patented DFT and versatile offset substrate handling, this inkjet printer merges the benefits of diverse print applications with exceptional image quality of up to 1,200 dpi output resolution. A digital full colour 29 inch sheet-fed LED UV Inkjet press, the KM-1e is the go-to solution for expanded and improved print job applications. Plus, its UV light curing technology allows for immediate drying of ink, keeping images crisp and clean.


2. Measured scalability

Boasting up to 3,000 sheets per hour in simplex or 1,500 sheets in duplex, the AccurioJet KM-1e is aligned with the promise that inkjet technology will allow businesses to scale their print production needs accordingly.

High productivity / short turnaround

Producing short runs with low costs allows businesses to reach a wider pool of customers, creating opportunity for market differentiation without compromising on budgets.


3. Wider flexibility

The growing segmentation of consumer markets is resulting in more limited but targeted audiences, increasing the need for personalised and customised products. Inkjet printing supports the overall cost effectiveness by widening the flexibility afforded to various print materials and turnaround times.

New business opportunities

The AccurioJet KM-1e allows for print on various media types, including foiled paper, clear film, and synthetic substrates and has media flexibility for sizes up to B2+.


Grow your print capabilities with AccurioJet KM-1e

The Next Generation KM-1e

By helping businesses step up the diversity of their print applications and widen the horizons for new business opportunities, the inkjet printing technology afforded by Konica Minolta is a gamechanger. Konica Minolta’s inkjet printing technology, as evidenced by the AccurioJet KM-1e, gives businesses the capacity to offer more without skimming on quality or quantity. Speak with an expert today.

Revisiting Office Printer Security

There is no denying that data privacy and security are some of the most important aspects of a business. From monitoring systems such as CCTVs to user access control through biometrics, physical security is often the first security pillar that is extensively strengthened. However, with the growing importance of cybersecurity, businesses are forced to revisit and reassess every possible risk their organisation is exposed to. One such vulnerable area that enterprises should be concerned about is their office printer.

The Rise in Printer Security Issues

Though tasked to perform the menial work of printing business documents, unbeknownst to most, printers, just like any other technological equipment, are susceptible to malware and cyberattacks. Back in 2018, a hacker discovered 800,000 exploitable printers online and selected approximately 6% of them to print out dubious content – one of which was located within a police station. In a similar light, cybersecurity experts at CyberNews accessed close to 28,000 unsecured printers around the globe, hijacked them, and forced them into printing guides on improving print security. Although these are rare cases of ethical hacking for a good cause, they accurately demonstrate how printers are now easy prey to cybercriminals.

The Rise in Printer Security Issues

With more businesses pushed into decentralised work arrangements due to the pandemic, the risks posed by these print devices are bound to increase. By managing multifunctional printers (MFPs) and other networked printers in the Cloud, intellectual property and sensitive personal data are left out in the open if not configured and secured properly. This is where the thorough protection of office information through data security functions of an office printer turns into a business solution that must be leveraged.

Protecting Office Information with bizhub i-Series Printers

An MFP that functions as an office hub, the bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i series by Konica Minolta supports a new-value office by catering to the heightened need for security. This 2nd generation bizhub i-Series significantly reduces the burden placed on IT managers by boosting security levels of office data and paper documents. Paired together with Konica Minolta’s Remote Care solution, businesses can rest assured that their data will never fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Device Level Security

Beyond cyberattacks, information can be stolen directly from printers as well. To ensure controlled accessibility and that hard drives in the office printers are well protected, bizhub i-Series delivers advanced security settings. Through the bizhub SECURE services, data stored in the printers’ SSD and network settings are safeguarded effectively. This is taken up a notch with its password setting capabilities, optimal authentication systems, and PC login profiles, all of which can be customised to suit existing print systems and office scale.

Device Level Security

  1. Network Level Security

From in-built robust anti-virus software to its ability to achieve serverless printing in a ubiquitous network, the bizhub C650i series reinforces an organisation’s defence. The Bitdefender scan engine sources out latent viruses from files that are sent to the MFP. This mitigates the risk of disseminating infected files throughout the company’s network. Since connecting printers to an isolated network segment makes it challenging for hackers to compromise a printer, the prerequisite for authentication before print outputs guarantees that no information is sent to any third-party extension unit.

Bitdefender Antivirus i-Option (30 seconds)

  1. Reduced Downtime & Increased Productivity

Labelled as a seamless service for businesses, the Remote Care solution works to keep your MFP secure while decreasing printer downtime. Offering automatic, customised updates to existing operating systems such as device firmware upgrades, remote maintenance, off-site troubleshooting, and scheduled data backup, offices will never have to worry about losing data ever again.

Improve Your Company’s Print Security Model

Counter printing security loopholes and revolutionise your workplace with the bizhub i-Series.  Efficiently block anonymous access to your network printers and maintain proper privacy settings with our office printers. For more information on which bizhub i-Series MFP is right for your business, get in touch with our experts.

Optimise your Production Printing Runs

Agile production printers underpin quality, efficiency and usability. Taking productivity levels up a notch, Konica Minolta’s production printers are designed for maximum output, unrivaled quality and intuitive user experiences. The production printer market has forecasted a growth of 5.36% till 2026, with packaging being a major source (to be worth US473.81b by 2027). This shows that opportunities to introduce and tap on novel technologies today have never been greater.

One such extraordinary option is the AccurioPress C4080 Series. An all-in-one manufacturing powerhouse that reimagines versatility in digital printing, the production printer is a stellar addition to any printing company for three key reasons:

  1. Expand product offerings

As a printing company, providing a greater suite of printing services to cater to present demands for versatile and creative products is imperative. A strategic business pursuit, expanding into new markets and setting up fresh revenue streams primes your business for growth year on year. The AccurioPress C4080 series is designed for printing companies to maximise this opportunity.

Offering the biggest media variety in the market, the AccurioPress C4080 produces quality prints on media as thin as 62gsm and as thick as 360gsm, and on long sheets of up to 1300mm (simplex) and 864mm (duplex). Alongside these are its exceptional capacities for banner, envelope, business card and texture printing. Such outstanding paper compatibility allows businesses to cater to various customer specifications, from books and package printing through to greeting cards.

Expand product offerings

The printer extends its ability of creating ready-made print products to quality finishes with its TU-510 Trimmer Unit and IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer. You can expect, among others, excellent front trimming, creasing, slitting and spine corner forming for 50-sheet booklets, 300-page perfect book binding, and 100-sheet accurate stapling.

  1. Speed up production

While providing greater product varieties, printing companies must also consider the speed at which they can deliver as per customer demands. Across the 11 paper trays of this digital press, A4 and A3 coloured pages can be readied at 81 and 45 print per minute respectively. With automated engine linearisation, duplex registration and profiling, printing companies can power up efficiency on each print, enabling shorter turnaround times.

  1. Train users easily

The best production printer is one that is hassle-free, even for the novice operators. From real-time precise colour matching to automated registration and media detection, printing companies do not need elaborate training sessions for operators. Not to forget, three different print controllers are available from Konica Minolta and Fiery which easily configures various print processes and simplifies workflows, that too across an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface, ensuring swift movements on the production floor without too much supervision.

Train users easily

Rethink business success with Konica Minolta

There’s plenty to explore with the capabilities of the AccurioPress C4080 series. Get in touch with our technology experts to find out how you can reimagine your business success with one of the market’s best!

An entire digital ecosystem to meet all your business needs

The Workplace of the Future looks at making workplaces more useful in real-time, improving workplace experience and efficiency for employees. Technology is now freeing us from the confines of our desks to work anywhere, any time and employees are looking for the flexibility of time away from their desks during their 8-hour working day. Our solutions look at making employees feel more connected to an organisation and enables collaboration buy merging people processes and technology.

A survey by the Future Workplace, a research firm specialising in preparing leaders for disruptions in recruiting, development and the employee experience, recently found that 76% of respondents believed work is no longer just about where you are – it’s also about what you get done. Driving this belief are generational changes in the workplace experience – both physically, and judged by the tools and technologies used. The survey found that 62% of respondents thought technology should help employees to be more productive and collaborate in a more interactive way.

Everything’s changing, and never more so than since the Internet of Things (IoT) began to play a role. The IoT has set the scene for a technological revolution, as the machines of all shapes and sizes location at home, in the office and surrounding our lives begin to communicate and automate tedious tasks and workloads, take care of our needs and allow us to focus on core business.

The Workplace of the Future requires teams to work smarter and more efficiently together – whether they’re face-to-face or thousands of miles apart. According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey, 59% of millennials considered the standard of the technology provided by potential employers when considering a job. What’s more, 78% of millennials said they were influenced by how innovative a company was when applying for a job.

Digitisation, globalisation and demographic change are changing the labour market and creating challenges for companies. At the same time, however, the future of work offers opportunities.

Demographic change: staff are also getting older

One key factor that will change the world of work in future is demographics. By 2030, the young population and number of people in middle age will both shrink considerably. The proportion of older people, on the other hand, will increase significantly. The consequence: a drastic reduction in workers aged 15 to 54 and increased competition for young members of staff.

The influence of globalisation

Advancing globalisation will also influence work in the future. It is breaking up established patterns of the global economy. In this context, economic centres that were based in Europe or the USA for decades are increasingly moving to Asia. And it will also be true in future that companies will produce even more than now in countries where labour costs are significantly lower.

The influence of globalisation

Correspondingly, jobs that require minimal qualifications and skills are being created away from developed nations. Globalisation is not only shaking up job profiles and focal points of production. It is also making competition ever more intense.

The consequence: companies are forced to operate in various nations, sometimes with cross remote teams to enable greater productivity and profitability.

Digitisation creates new jobs

In addition to globalisation, digitisation is also a major factor for the future of work. First things first: the fear of the power of machines is not justified. Although many jobs will be lost through automation and other technologies, the creation of new careers will balance out the disappearance of other positions.

Digitisation creates new jobs

Digitisation creates more opportunities for skilled specialists and highly qualified staff in particular. In addition, it generates completely new professional branches: it is assumed that 65% of today’s children will do jobs in future that currently do not even exist.

Above all, companies will have increased demand for jobs involving research, communication, creativity, decision-making and coordination.

More and more people will work in corporate services, in the consulting, legal, administrative, engineering and IT sectors. Financial services providers and the healthcare and social services sectors are growing and will be advertising more positions in future. And the creative and communications industry is also experiencing an employment boom, especially in advertising and marketing.

Rethink the Future

Employers are looking for ways to attract and retain staff. A positive workplace experience helps achieve this goal. Space is currently a fixed cost but making it a variable cost can allow you to instigate change in your workplace strategy.

This is where occupancy management comes in handy: the “feeling of being connected” to an organisation is a real part of the workplace experience, increasingly achieved outside the world of the corporate intranet and e-mail. Today, it constitutes the main reason for a greater interest in digital signage.

Let us help your business transform towards the future. Get in touch with us today.

Which bizhub i-Series Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) Is Right For Your Business?

In spite of the phrase ‘paper-free’ making its rounds, the digital transformation doesn’t necessarily point towards a ‘paperless office’. What it means, however, is the aim for a more focused, targeted manner of using less paper as opposed to becoming completely paperless1.

As the demand for printing shifts, businesses are looking for solution providers that can implement print management methods that are sustainable, productive, and incredibly easy to use. One such smart solution is the multifunction peripheral (MFP).

What Konica Minolta offers with the bizhub i-Series is the marriage of print and digital, bringing forth a seamlessness that global businesses will appreciate. At a glance, these office peripherals2 will deliver high-volume output at amazing speeds, quality, and efficiency. The integration of technology into its security systems also negates the concern over confidentiality and remote work capabilities.

For: High levels of productivity

Performance and productivity are the hallmarks of what defines a high-quality multifunction printer.

For: High levels of productivity

The bizhub C750i3 does just that. With full speed media printing range, high-speed single pass dual scan doc feeder, and large capability trays of 6,650 sheets, this printer combines versatility with premium functionality. The secure network integration and advanced user authentication also make this a highly coveted printer to have in offices today.

For: Ease of Use

Along with productivity, print management systems need to be user-friendly to remain accessible and vied for by employees, regardless of their skills with technology.

The bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i4 series and bizhub C360i/C300i/C250i series5 are the perfect MFPs for ease of use. With strides made in technology, engineering should be done so in a way that everyone is able to use it effectively. Complete with multi-touch support and the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) , these MFPs are extremely easy to use.

For: Sustainable Offices

The pertinence of eco-friendly business practices, such as printing, increases the more we learn about the amount of physical waste released into the environment every day. Not only are sustainable office printing practices a socially sound move, they offer cost-savings and operational efficiency6.

For: Sustainable Offices

Every model from the bizhub i-Series has an EPEAT Gold rating7 and fulfils Blue Angel standards, models for products that are environmentally preferable. Similarly, the bizhub C287i/C227i and C4050i/C3350i series uses only 0.5W of power consumption8 during sleep mode, lowering its emissions. With ten of the bizhub i-Series MFPs gaining the Singapore Green Label certification9, Konica Minolta affirms the resolve for reshaping sustainability practices.

Given that the purchasing decisions of consumers and businesses today rely on value-conscious factors such as sustainability, businesses need to expand beyond digitalisation alone. They need to carefully consider and reflect this change to identify with their customers.

Redefining Business with Optimal Multifunction Peripherals  

Productivity, user experience, and eco-friendliness – clever print management in organisations today need to extend beyond the standard run-of-the-mill output focused printers. Konica Minolta recognises the leverage businesses can have with high-performing multifunction printers.

With our Product Recommender10, you can easily filter between our business solutions from print to IoT services, depending on your company size and needs to view products that would be a good fit. By streamlining the challenges and priorities your business has, this feature gives you a bird’s eye view of the recommended printers that will match your goals to a tee.

Redefining Business with Optimal Multifunction Peripherals












Build your bridge to success with the AccurioPress C4080 Series, Konica Minolta’s newest line of production presses. With enhanced finishing, intelligent automation, flawless quality and advanced capabilities, build your perfect configuration from a range of innovative possibilities leading to opportunities that will grow your business.

Find out more about the AccurioPress C4080 Series

Bridging the Physical & Digital Gap with Document Digitisation

Enterprises are constantly under pressure to remain competitive and deliver on connected experiences to meet ever-changing customer demands and generate alternative revenue conduits. Adding to this intensifying competition is the acceleration of digital transformation brought about by the pandemic.

Forcing a structural change in how services are offered, it comes as no surprise that industries ranging from banking to aviation are at the vanguard of leveraging digital services to scale businesses. As such, capturing the unparalleled opportunities presented by digitalisation has become paramount, especially since digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable1 than others.

Benefits of Going Digital

As digitalisation slowly becomes the common denominator2 in all the new disruptive technologies, this shift from the physical to the digital has effected more economical and valuable management models. Directly addressing the diverse and complex set of challenges companies face in reducing time and money spent on processes3 that could have otherwise been put to better use, the drive towards digital transformation is advantageous in numerous ways.

For one, it is estimated that each employee loses $14,000 worth of productivity annually4 due to the simple task of locating documents. Labour costs of filing documents, losing important documents, searching for missing files, and making multiple copies of the same document only amplifies the inefficiency of existing document processing methodologies. Aiming to lower operational costs, amongst other things, moving data to a secure cloud environment is the key to driving any business forward – this is where document digitisation and automated document management turn into dynamic business solutions.

Empowering Your Digital Workspace with KOMI Doc

A workflow and collaboration solution designed to streamline business processes, the KOMI Doc cloud platform5 by Konica Minolta improves precision and proficiency in document processing without compromising security. Including built-in sub-modules such as the KOMI IWS, KOMI Sync, KOMI Doc Office Manager, and KOMI Search, this cloud-based document management system rids organisations of the cumbersome and challenging process associated with managing paper documents. Presenting multiple advanced features, this document digitising solution will enable companies to embrace current disruptions and unlock greater productivity in various ways.

  1. Peak Levels of Autonomy

One of the advanced features of the KOMI Doc is its Document and Folder Subscription feature. It is capable of sending real-time alerts every time a change is made to the document or folder a user is subscribed to. In addition, users can even set reminders weeks in advance and have secure links to a specific file sent via email. Overseeing project progression, supervising in real-time, and tracking edits will thus be a breeze. Taking things up a notch is the Mobile App that allows for the retrieval of stored documents within seconds, so that employees have complete access 24/7 to corporate documents to get the job done wherever they are.

Peak Levels of Autonomy

  1. Improved Communications & Workflow

KOMI Doc captures and files all paper and electronic documents in a secure and centralised cloud platform. The web-based navigation and powerful search engine can tap into this ecosystem to locate documents instantly. Collaboration also improves with KOMI Doc’s smart collaboration tool that supports the sending of invitations to edit, review, and comment to multiple users in a safe online workspace. Naturally, the 21.3% overall staff productivity loss caused by document issues6 will spontaneously decrease with time.

  1. Automate Processes to Boost Efficiency

Using the in-built wizard, customised workflows can be created to speed up document processing. Tasks can be automatically routed to a specific member or department with the Workflow Manager engine of KOMI Doc, reducing the turnaround time for document preparation and approval.

Automate Processes to Boost Efficiency

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Document Management Solutions 

Mitigate productivity losses because of manual document management with KOMI Doc. Efficiently transforming paper-based processes into an automated digital workflow, this document digitising solution delivers tremendous benefits. Find out more about KOMI Doc today7.










Trends in the Print Industry for 2021

Marked by a year of massive change, 2021 brings new opportunities and challenges, influenced by the paradigm shift in consumer purchasing patterns and business models. Moving out from a state of paralysis, businesses now need to focus on rising above the crisis to meet new demands.

Signaling Trends

Covid-19 has not only disrupted how organisations globally conduct business, but also effected a cascading chain of impact down to the specifics, of which print production is one. Approximately 70% confirm that the pandemic is severely disrupting the digital printing industry.1 No longer can a defense of past successes support future ways of working, the printing industry will reflect transformative change necessary for relevancy and survival.

Provisioning of touchless technology

Touchless technology – from printers to common office equipment – will be part of back-to-office strategies. In balancing the need for profitability and employee safety, the importance of a digital printer that leverages touchless tech will be pervasive as general concern over cleanliness permeates.

Offering touchless technology to operate the digital printers is a step ahead in mitigating future virus transmission risks. A post-crisis workplace spells new demand for more secure, remote printing capabilities.2 Konica Minolta’s range of multifunction peripherals (MFP), such as the bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i3 offers touchless connectivity, allowing users to use their mobile devices to access the printer through bizhub Remote Access.

Provisioning of touchless technology

Leveraging Variable Data Printing

Despite dips in physical retail shopping and in-person experiences, there are some industries that still rely on print production capabilities during the pandemic. Labels for healthcare products such as masks and medication are where digital printers continue to subsist.

Variable data printing (VDP) technologies employ customised messaging for different recipients. Examples include personalised mailers with individual customer names, headers and images used. The AccurioLabel 2304 lets you produce high quality labels and stickers at incredible speeds and flexibility, without compromising efficiency and quality.

Leveraging Variable Data Printing

Relying on Artificial Intelligence

Stockpiling food items and toilet supplies indicate a growing demand for more flexible print management. With these items flying off shelves at remarkable speed, producers need to keep pace with short run print production.

In fact, printing social distancing stickers and banners became an essential need for specific industries, such as supermarkets and clinics, around the world. Printers still need to continue their work, while keeping workers safe at the workplace. Using the Intelligent Quality Optimizer IQ-501 with the AccurioPress C14000, businesses can leverage on Artificial Intelligence to reduce human intervention and while helping to achieve high quality short run prints productively without print wastage.5

With digital printers, businesses can carry out short-run print jobs without compromising on cost and labour. This allows industries, like healthcare and food companies, to continue printing on-demand at lower costs, all while keeping their workers safe.


Redefining The Future of Printing

With Covid-19 having affected most industries, businesses globally are undergoing dramatic transformation and the digital printing industry is no exception. Speak with one of our consultants to see how Konica Minolta’s solutions can help you navigate the new normal.








As the crisis progress, it is evident that some businesses are better prepared for a digital workplace than others. For example, Google, Microsoft, and many other large tech firms remained unscathed when the crisis hit as there had already been an established culture and structures that supports remote working. At the same time, you may have seen news reports that speaks of several large organisations, including banks and even government sectors struggling with increased network loads, having to deal with security prevention issues, and many other problems. COVID-19 has driven the world’s biggest shift to remote work to date, and it is time to acknowledge that working from home or remotely from elsewhere will be one of the new norms.1

It is now a top priority for businesses to ensure employees adhere to governance and security policies, while deploying flexible work arrangements. It would be especially beneficial for small-medium businesses (SMBs) to gain a competitive edge by promptly adapting to the changing stance of remote working by implementing a workflow and collaboration solution that bridges the physical and digital workspace.2

Managing paper documents can be a cumbersome and challenging process as it is expensive, and documents can be easily misplaced and require huge physical storage space. On top of this, paper processes also hinder collaboration and productivity.

Productivity increase by percentEmployee used up to percent of their time to sort out paper work

With Konica Minolta’s Document Management Solution, KOMI Doc Cloud Platform helps streamline business processes with workflow and collaboration solutions. Unleash your digital potential by transferring your paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage your operations more efficiently.3

Benefits for KOMI Doc

Interested to find out more about our KOMI Doc Cloud Platform ?

Speak to our sales consultants to find out more about how your business can benefit from our KOMI Doc Cloud Platform or simply contact us today.